Friday, 7 March 2008

Why are puppies such hard work

Hello everyone,
Why are puppies such hard work? My life was pretty easy with just me and the pinkies.
Baz has turned the whole place upside down.
He wakes us all up far too early in the mornings. Pinkie and I used to enjoy a bit of a lie in bed each morning, but not anymore.
Baz wakes up and the whole house gets woken up too. For one little puppy he sure can make a lot of noise. Pinkie has to get out of bed to take Baz outside to pee, otherwise he pee's in his pen, on his bed. Dirty little boy! But I guess he does well to hold it in all night.

I have started to teach him who is boss. He is a persistent little devil, but I have a distinct size advantage, so I need to make the most of that while he is still little. He'll learn eventually.
The pinkies think Baz is going to be a big boy Dale when he grows up.
His dale-daddy Elton is a big boy dale too.

Luckily my pinkies give me a break from the little devil and let me go up to the big bed for some peace and quiet. Ha ha Baz isn't allowed in the rooms with carpet unles the pinkies are in the same room, in case he pee's.
Me on the other hand, I have access to any room in the house. Because I am a good Dale and know how to behave properly.
See pinkie, all those years at Obedience School did pay off.
Now you just need to each Bazzy some manners too.

He is finally asleep, so I can have some time alone with my pinkies - yay.

Miss Ellie (who has the patience of a saint)


Cassidy said...

Poor Ellie, you sound worn out! Maybe me needs to be bit easier on big Harry...nah!

Cassidy x

Maggie & Mitch said...

Oh, Ellie! I totally understand completely! It takes awhile for new routines but it's worth it - trust me! Hang it there, girlfren!

Love ya lots,

Penny & Poppy said...

We know exactly how you feel, Ellie! Our new big, baby brother is a pain in our butts. He constantly bites our faces and legs. We can't get any rest until he gets put in his crate. When that happens, we snicker! We sure hope he grows up FAST!

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh my poor Ellie girl. I think I need to come down there and save you from little Baz. I bet Tim was impressed when Baz stole his thongs and football hee hee. It's a good thing you get to have some time out on the big bed.

Hugs and tail wags

Stanley said...

Sweet Ellie Girl!

Welcome to MY world. The only consolation I have is that my little stinky sissy, Stella, won't get much bigger, and definitely won't ever be bigger than I am. Use that size advantage while you can.

I'm so glad your pinkies realize you need special Ellie Time with them! Revel in all the love, girl!

Goober love & smooches,