Thursday, 28 August 2008

They are home

Woo hoooooo, they are finally home.
Bazzy and I were so so happy to see them.
We jumped all over them - yes even me, Miss Ellie jumped for joy all over my mummy and daddy.
Then we followed them all over the house, every room they went in, we followed.
Now they are home we are not letting them out of our sight - just in case!
We got mega cuddles from mum, I think she must have really missed us.
Poor mum was really tired after such a long flight home from that USA place. She swears she is never ever doing a long flight like that again.
Mum, Bazzy and I all had a real nice sleepies together on the big bed in the afternoon.
Daddy slept too, but in his special daddy recliner chair in front of the big telly.
So life is all good now - our pinkies are home, we are happy and so far mum has not heard any bad stories from Elizabeth.
Although Elizabeth did dob on Bazzy.
Silly little muppett man ate one of daddy's slip on shoes. Chomped it to bits in fact.
Elizabeth left the remenants of the mangled shoe in a plastic bag for daddy. She is such a dobber LOL.

No doubt mum will ring her today to get all the info on what we got up to.
Lucky I was a good girl ey?

Miss Ellie.

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Maggie and Mitch said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaa, we're so glad your mom and dad are home! Home is the greatest place on earth! We can vouch for that! We're glad to be home too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch