Monday, 3 November 2008

Dales in the Garden

Hello everyone, it has been ages since we have been able to update our bloggie.

We haven't been up to much really, just the normal stuff of eating, sleeping, wrestling, going for walkies, you know how it is.

I (Miss Ellie) have been getting these great big Cartrophen injections each week for my arthritis.
They seem to have made a huge difference and I now like to play and run again like I used too. I still get a little bit of stiffness, but not much.

I went and had my yearly check up with the vet man, except it wasn't Steve my usual vet was a lady vet named Leanne. She was really nice and very gentle with me, so I liked her alot. Plus she kept feeding me lots and lots of dried liver treats, so I really really liked her!
She says I am in great shape for an almost 9 year old Airegirl.
She checked my heart and my temperature (how rude) and my teethies and said it was all good.
She told mum I have very good teethies for a dale my age.Yay. Must be all those yummy bones mum gives us to chomp on.

It has started to warm up again now. We have had a few hot days already.

I have gone back to hiding in my secret place under the bushes down the back of the garden.
Only problem is that now Bazzy follows me so I get no peace at all.

Bazzy has been his normal bratty self. He is way bigger than me now, but I still show him who is boss.
He thinks it is him, but I just let him think that. He can have all the toys, push past to go out the door first, whatever.
But I still pin him to the floor by the throat whenever he gets outta line!

I get my food first and he has to wait. Mum makes him sit and wait while I eat, otherwise he would scoff all his food really fast then come over and push me out of my bowl and eat all my food too.

Fat little piggie boy. Here he is eating his chicken in the garden this morning.

Here I am eating my chicken. I like to keep my food clean, not roll it around in the grass.
Notice my new kennel? It was supposed to be for Bazzy, but the big baby was too scared of it.
Ha ha he won't go in it!
So now it is MINE! Daddy took my old Dale House away and now I get to have afternoon naps in peace in my new Dale House, because big sookie boy Bazzy leaves me alone now..... he is scared of the kennel. How funny is that!

We have both been helping daddy out in the garden. He has been busy building a new verandah along the back of the house.
It will keep the summer sun off all the big windows, so hopefully the house won't get so hot now.

It looks good - here is a photo mum took.

It isn't finished yet, but will be soon. Dad says mum doesn't paint the timber fast enough lol.
So that is pretty much all that has been happening at our place.
Bazzy is still growing and has now hit 30kg. He is taller than me now too, and as you can see in the photos he is much more solid than I am.
Mum says Baz is fat, ha ha.
She calls him her "fatboy". But it is only because he still limps and can't go walkies everyday like I do.
See ya
Miss Ellie


Maggie and Mitch said...

I totally agree with you, Ellie! We older girlz need to keep our younger, larger brothers in line! Mitch can be very rude to me too but mom sticks up for me and yells at him! haha
I'm so glad Baz is afraid of the new kennel so that you can get your much deserved peace and quiet!
Your new veranda is beautiful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The 3 G-Dales said...

Hey there -

Glad to get an update, we dales have been MIA too....on account our Mumsie has been trying to start a busyness of her own. Lola Dale just got her earies glued after she had her girlie operation...but it's good, she will be boootifulll forever when it's done.

Hope you two crazy dales are smiling!

Nose pokes from the 3 G-Dales!

Lola, Roy & Jack!

Bogart said...

Your mama and dad are quite talented :)

Happy to hear that you're feeling better pretty girl - love to you and Bazzy!


Noah the Airedale said...

Hey maties,
We're back!!!
The deck looks good. We didn't realise your daddy was so talented hee hee. Maybe he can help B with the fence lol.

Noah x