Sunday, 12 July 2009

Big day out in the Bush

Hey blogging buddies, it's sure been a while since we updated our blog. We have had a word to our mum and told her to lift her game.

We had an AWESOME day today.

Today was the Bush Picnic for the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria. Our mum is on the committee now and so we get to go to all the events.

Today we packed up the car and headed out to Old Iron Park in St Andrews.

You might remember the really terrible bush fires that we had here way back in February, well Old Iron Park burnt to the ground and the Sorraghan family only just made it out alive with their 11 Airedales and a litter of Dale pups.

But we all headed over to their place today to see the smazing landscape of burnt out bush that is slowly starting to regenerate.

Ron and Anne are living in a converted shed while the big clean was taking place and now they can start to rebuild.

This is me - Bazzy - checking out the bush tracks on the property.

Here are some of our Dales friends trying to score a bit of sausage from the bbq lunch.

Look at this pretty little Airegirl.....awwwwww she was a sweetie!

And here is Old Miss Ellie saying hello to some of the Old Iron Dales that were in their Dale pen.

We were all running around off lead, and we were very well behaved (of course we are Airedales after all). We all said hello to each other with the traditional greeting "here let me sniff your butt!"

This is Old Iron's little Airepup - cute or what!

We took a bit of a run down the drive, it was a great game of chasey, that's my cute butt at the end there!

This is the Old Iron Airedale at the gate to the property - awesome huh?

Here are some of us, just hanging around the pinkies hoping for a bit of bbq.

I was a happy Aireboy, that's for sure.

And Old Miss Ellie too, she had the time of her life. Mum was concerned about how she would go, she had had another seizure just last month, not as bad as the one last December, but mum thought it might be too big a day for her - but she went really well.

She just trotted around at her own pace, said hello to everyone, then just wandered around checking the place out. She was pretty happy.

Notice she has her Planet Airedale bandanna on? Snazzy sissy - snazzy. I had one too (Harley's old one) but I managed to get it off before we were even out of the car!

So we were two very tired Dales by the end of the afternoon, and slept nearly the whole way home - but gee we had a blast!

Thanks to Ron and Anne for letting us run amok at their place.

Thanks to all the other Airedales that played with us and ran with us.

Thanks to all the pinkies for making it all happen!

Special Airedale Days Out rock!

See ya real soon



animal lover, quilt lover said...

have just found your blog and just love it!! I will be back often. Thank-you for so many good pictures. It looks like you have a wonderful time on your outings!
See you again soon!

Maggie and Mitch said...

How exciting that you guys got to hang out with so many other Dales!
Did you get any BBQ handouts?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ruby said...

What a super dale day you guys had - sooo many airedales! I am an Old Iron girl, but the old homestead doesn't look anything like I remember it. It didn't used to be so black.

Looks like everyone had fun.


Noah the Airedale said...

G'day Bazzy Boy,
We love the photo of all the dales running down the drive. You must have had a pawesome day out.

Noah x

Inky and Molly said...

Hey, you guys are so much quicker than us. We still have to blog about everything that happened last week with Max and Pekoe before we can go onto the BDO. We had lots of fun, too. It was great to see you both.
We saw you've got a good shot of us 4 receiving handouts from Maree (we have the same photo 'cause it was a great moment to be remembered!!).
Please come down to Geelong for xmas in July if you can make it. Catch ya soon,
Inky and Molly

Carolyn said...

Thank you so much for this! I just found your blog while looking for information on Old Iron Park. We had an Old Iron Airedale, our beloved Rufus who died a few years ago, and have enjoyed many walks through the bush and frolics with the gorgeous dales there. Was just wondering how they are going after the fires so it was lovely to see some fuzzy faces amidst the blackened bush and to hear they are rebuilding. Hopefully we'll head out there again for a new puppy someday, maybe we'll see you at another picnic!