Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bad boy Bazzy ate mums book!

Well will you take a look at what my silly little brother got up to today?
The picture below is all that is left of mum's book.

The stoopid little fatboy saw it on the couch and decided he wanted a closer look.
Mum was in the study, playing on our computer and she heard this strange noise from the lounge.
A mess was all over the couch, and silly Baz still had the book in his big fat gob.

At least he had the grace to look forlorn and sorry after mum told him what a BAD Aire-boy he was!

He had already been in trouble with daddy today too!
They went for their special "boys walkies" this morning, while mum and I went our our special "gilrs walkies".

We get walked seperately most of the time now, as I can't walk as far as I used to now that I am a Senior Aire-lady of double digits! Yes I turned 10 on my last birthday.
Anyway, when out on his walk with dad this morning, Bazzy met another dog and rather than be a nice freindly Airedale, stoopid Bazzy growled at the other doggy - for no good reason. Dad says the other doggy was wagging his tail!

Daddy told Baz off, and said "NO" Baz. Baz sulked a bit after that - he doesn't like being told off. Uh-uh.

Here is a better picture of our friend Charlie, he came to stay with us recently.

Charlie got a nice surprise today - a new baby sister. Her name is Rose and she is an 8 week old Bichon Frise, just like him. Mum has seen photos of her, but none of us have met her yet.

Oh and here are the photos of our new next door neighbour, Big Ben. He comes over to our yard to play sometimes, and sometimes we go over to his yard to play.

Big Ben is a Labrador x German Shepherd. He plays rough just like Bazzy does.

Those boys are just lunatics when they get together.

Big Ben is even bigger than Baz. They are good mates. He even plays bitey face - even though he is not an Airedale!

And here is a photo of the naughty Aireboy taken at Dog Beach in Scarborough.
Sometimes the pinkies take us there early on a weekend morning, and we run and run and run - even me!
There are always soooooo many other doggies there to play chasey with. it is just pawesome!

Look at the big smiling dufus!
He thinks he is so handsome - just because mum tells him so. Fool!

Till next
Miss Ellie, the Senior Aire-lady!


Maggie and Mitch said...

What a bad boy Baz was to eat your mum's book, Ellie! We're sure his cuteness gets him out of a lot of sticky situations!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Oh no, I hope Bazzy isn't in to much trouble. Maybe he should buy your Mommy a new book.
Sally Ann