Sunday, 13 April 2008

No biting Bazzy

Hey everyone
It seems like ya all need to know what the special thing is that Greg showed pinkie to stop me biting her.....well every time I go to bite mum now she grabs me by the jaw and holds her thumb in my mouth and holds onto my lower jaw and says "no biting".
It works because I almost never bite now. (excpet Ellie ha ha)
She used to put her hand over my whole jaw, but that never worked - it just made me want to bite her more lol.
So now I am the no biting Bazzy and both the pinkies think I am the best Bazzy ever.

We had a nother visit from Brooke today. The pinkies were so happy because Greg and Brooke gave them lovely presents - pictures of me and Ellie.
Greg even framed 4 of the best photos for us and they look wonderful. Mum has to decide now where she is going to hang them. Greg is a great photographer. The pinkies cannot thank them enough, they are so happy.

We had a very special dales Day Out today - and Brooke came with us.
Today was the annual Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Beach Picnic.
We had a ride in the car down to Seaford beach and when we got there we were so excited because there were already about 20 Airedales running around the picnic grounds.
Ellie and I said hello to lots of people and their Dales then we headed down to the beach and woooo hoooooooooo there were about 20 more Airedales running around on the beach.
And guess who was there???

My daddy Elton and my brother Morris. Woo hoooooo.

Morris and I had a great time tearing around all over the beach chasing each other.
Daddy let me off lead and Morris was off lead, so we took off like little rockets playing chasey.
We were very good little puppies because we didn't go off too far. We ran through all the big Dales and then chased each other. But daddy kept a close eye on us.
Pinky was too busy talking to all her Airedale pinky friends. Blah blah blah.
Brooke took lots of photos, so pinky will blog them soon.

We got to catch up with Mr Perriwinkle, Sam and Charlie our other Dale friends, as well as Curly and Tzara from our breeders family. Di (the breeder) gave me a nice little trim and pinky thinks I look very grown up now.
Pinky was in Dale heaven, even Brooke was happy to see so many Dales together. There were even some little tiny baby dales about 6-7 weeks old in a play pen. They were so little - was I that little so recently?
Pinky says I am a big Bazzy now.
I am starting to get my big Dale teeth. Di had a close look at my gums and told pinky my teeth are coming. The first two front ones can already be seen. No wonder my gums have been sore.
Poor Bazzy.

Ellie was a bit aloof at the Dale picnic today and wanted to go home. She isn't very social....cranky old girl. Once she has said hello to everyone she is ready to one taught her how to party like Morris and I did.....I never wanted to go home.

We both needed a big Dale nap when we got home. We crahed out on our beds for hours.

See ya



Maggie & Mitch said...

What an exciting day both of you had! What luck that you met up with Morris, Baz!
I'm aloof like Ellie too when I go to these Airedale events! All the attitudes wear me out!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh wow, we so wish we lived close to you two. We never go to any dale days out up hered...sigh.
We can't wait to see all the pics.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy