Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fun and games with us Dales

Woo hoooo, look at me down at the beach with my new friend Angus. The pinkies took Ellie and I to the beach this morning so we could have a run around "off Lead" yes that's right, they finally let us both go off lead to play and run and be free Dales.We went to the beach where the ADT Club hold their Beach Day, so we had a bit of a ride in the car too.When we got there we met Angus, and he decided to play with us. At first I was kept on lead, as mum didn't think she could trust me. Very sad.But daddy let Ellie off lead and then mum let me go too. Off I ran, chasing Angus and Ellie. Angus ran straight into the cold water and I followed him in and then suddenly realised "hey it's cold in there" and quickly ran out again. Angus didn't care. It is a nice safe beach, as there is a fence stopping us from running into the houses that live along the beach there, so the pinkies decided we could be trusted not to run off. Mum had cheese in her pockets too, so she called me back to her lots of times and gave me a treat of nice tasty cheese everytime I came back.
She says I need to practice my recall because we have our first Obedience Test at Dog School next week. I am doing really well at Doggy School, everyone thinks I am adorable and calm - ha ha they wouldn't say that if they saw me at home LOL.

Look at us in the car after our run on the beach. Two very tired Dales.

I like to hang over the back seat so that I can see everything that is going on.
I am a bit of a sticky beak.....

Old Miss Ellie loves the car and sometimes jumps in when the car is parked in the garage, and then she won't get out.
Pinkies have to bribe her to get out of the car. She wants to go for a ride.

Check out the nice excavation work I have been doing in my garden.Daddy has started calling me "Bazzy the Bobcat", I am not sure what that is, but apparently they dig really well.
I love digging in the garden and the pinkies have even stopped filling my holes in. I guess they have resigned themselves to the fact that the lawn is GONE now. Ellie used to dig but not anymore, she just sleeps alot. She never dug up the lawn though, she preferred to dig out the garden beds and rip out the plants. Daddy says he is glad I don't do that.
We had some visitors that stayed over for the weekend at our house and they had these funny little people with them that made lots of squawky noises and ran around. SO I chased them. Woo hoo that was fun too. I jumped all over them and grabbed their clothes in my mouth and dragged them around the garden. Ellie and I had a grand time with these strange little things called "boys". Mum had to tell them off though, cause the biggest one tried to smack me for jumping on him. I think he learnt not to be naughty cause he ran inside sooking LOL.
Ellie and I are glad we don't get too many of these little boys at our house very often.We like it just with our pinkies.The strange little boys even had some stuffies with them, but they got upset when we played with their stuffies.But it was ok for them to play with our stuffies and balls and things. Not fair ey?They've gone home now, so it's back to just us and our pinkies.Peace again.

Oh and I forgot to tell you about my new best friend Airley.
He is a DALE and he goes to my Dog School. He is a little bit older than me - he is 9 months, and his pinkies say he is naughty LOL of course he is, he's a Dale!
We got to have a great time playing after class yesterday. His pinkies live not far from us, so we are going to get together and play again. Airley is fun.I must get mum to take a photo of Airley and me playing next week at school. He just has his first Airecut too so he looks like a real Dale and not a scruffy pup like me.Hey mum do I need a Airecut yet?



Noah the Airedale said...

Haaa how good is your pinky for telling of the brat boy. He deserved to be told off lol.
Your morning at the beach looked like great fun and how good you can now go off lead. That's excellent Bazzie.
We can't wait to see pics of Airley..that's a cool name too.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Maggie & Mitch said...

What a nice romp on the beach the two of you had! Gosh, Baz - you've gotten so big since the last time we saw you! What a handsome boy you are!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Alf said...

Wow Bazzy - you are such a good boy at such a young age! It's taken ages to teach The Muppet Mindy to come back! Keep up the good work!

You both look great in the back of the car - Mindy sticks her head and legs through the seats too! Usually to see what she can steal!

BEware of those 'boys' you can't trust 'em!

Alf n Mindy xxx

Penny & Poppy said...

You are growing into a very handsome Aire-boy, Bazzy! I think most of us 'dales would make good bobcats! We can't wait to meet Airley!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Cassidy said...

That beach looks like a great place for running free, whee!

Bazzy, you be getting grown up looking!

Cassidy x

Bogart said...

Ah... tired Dales = HAPPY Dales :)