Friday, 9 May 2008

Stuffies, Baz's newest game, cuddles with dad

Hi everyone, Happy weekend to you.....yay we love the weekends. Lots of good things happen on weekends.

Guess what? I am going to my very first PARTY ! yippeeeeeeee
Ellie and Bazzy are going to Willow and Putter's party. We can't wait to see everyone there.
We hope there are lots of good things to eat at the party. Hmmmm nice dried liver and cheese and roast chicken with yummy gravy yummmmm, we are getting hungry just thinking about it.
Daddy and Bazzy got to spend some "quiet time" together this week. Mum was busy on the computer and Bazzy goes in to check on her regularly - just to make sure she doesn't forget about me. Daddy came in to the study too and we had a bit of a cuddle on the floor while mum worked.
Mum is studing at the moment and spends way too much time working on assignements and not enough time cuddling Bazzy, so daddy helped out.

Happy Stuffie day everyone........we have a few stuffies, but they don't let us play with any of them....not fair at all!
This is mum's WFT handbag stuffie - he has a handle on his back and a zipper. He doesn't have a name though - poor stuffie.
And this is one of many of mum's Airedale stuffie's - he came from Mc Donalds and he really doesn't look like a Dale, but he is suppossed to be one. We are yet to decide if he is or not.
Ellie and I have both managed to get him into our gobs a couple of times, but mum rescues him from us.

This is mum's favourite stuffie - he is a Kipper Airedale, but mum named him Douglas. When Bazzy was just a weeny puppy baby, mum used to put kipper in my crate with me at night time so I wouldn't get lonely. So his beard has been sucked on a little bit.
Meet Fergus, he is another Dale stuffie (see told ya there was a few of them) He is cute. I have slept with him in my crate too, but I bit his nose off, so no more sleeping with Bazzy.
Mummy fixed his nose. Cheeky Puss. That's his name. Daddy brought Cheeky Puss for mum a long time ago on holiday in Perth, Western Australia. Mum likes cats (I don't know why???) Notice there are more Airedale's in the background????
Oh and dear dear Nelson. Bazzy really really wants to play with Nelson, but mum says "No Bazzy". Nelson came from Sea World on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Daddy proposed to mum at Sea World. Mum loves polar bears and the real Nelson lives at Sea World.
Uh-oh, Bazzy got caught red handed.
Bazzy has a new game......stealing the toilet roll out of the ensuite bathroom........yay such fun to be had with it.
Mum was in the shower getting ready for work. Daddy was in the kitchen eating the coast was clear, no one to stop Bazzy.........woo hoo grab it and run Bazzy run.
Out into the bedroom and play time!
Old Miss Ellie just lay up on the pinkies big bed watching, but when dad came into the bedroom she looked at daddy like Miss Innocent so daddy would know it wasn't her.
Daddy called mum to look at my game. She just shook her head and said "Bazzy is a devil"
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
I don't often get to grab the toilet roll, cause mum puts it where Bazzy can't reach, but Bazzy got lucky this week!
Bazzy School tomorrow - mum and I have been practising.
Have a nice weekend everyone.
Charlie - we hope you feel better soon matey. We know your mum is looking after you. xxx
Bazzy :)
& Miss Ellie xx


Maggie & Mitch said...

We love that picture of Baz and your daddy! It looks like Bazzy is daddy's little boy just like Mitch is our daddy's little boy!
We have the same Kipper stuffie, Ellie!
See you at Putter and Willow's pawty!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

Good job with the toilet paper roll Bazzy hee hee. We didn't realise you had so many stuffies. They're so well looked after. You can tell you don't get your teefies into them lol.
We'll have to put in the order for the roast chicken for the pawty. We can't wait either.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Alf said...

Bazzy - you are such a cutie! I used to love playing with toilet rolls when I was your age!!

See you at the pawty.

Alf n Mindy xx