Saturday 29 September 2007

Bear napping

Well I was having a rather lovely afternoon nap, then next thing I know the camera is out and the pinkies are snapping away taking photos of me at my most vulnerable!

Really what is a girl to do?

How does a girl get any privacy?

Luckily daddy then took us out for a nice walk, that soon woke me up!

Love Harley Bear xxx

Thursday 27 September 2007


Well I was having a rather nice time sniffing out all the hidden delights that the pinkies keep locked away from us in that magical place they call "the pantry".

But then mum came back in and caught me in there! Oooops.

I almost got to the jar of doggie treats too!

I will have to be a bit quicker next time ey?

Super Dale xxx

Wednesday 19 September 2007

Dinner time

Yippee, sometimes dinner time is such sooooo good.

Tonight the pinkies had roast chicken, and the best part of that is that Harley and I get all the meat off the ckicken after the pinkies are finished.

There is always heaps left over and we get a very nice dinner.

I LOVE roast chicken, especially if there is a nice bit of gravy on it too.........yummmmmm.
The Dale

Saturday 15 September 2007

Introducing The Bear

Hello, I am Harley - The Bear. I am the more mature of us Airedale's and not nearly as naughty as Ellie. She gets into rather a lot of mischief whereas I am quite reserved.

Although I do tend to bark a bit more. I like to let everyone that walks past our house know that I am on duty protecting my pinkies. Sometimes Ellie joins in on my barking efforts. We raise quite a racket when we both have a go!

Hi from The Dale

Thought I would show you just how woolly I can get over winter. I needed a bit of an hAirecut, as you can see.
Don't mind all the newspaper on the floor. I had just finished reading the paper after dad was done with it.
I like to make sure I keep up to date with all the news.

Hello from The Dale and The Bear

Well hello, we finally have our own blog. We have been training the pinkies for a while and now they have the hang of it, we are in action. Woo hoo.

We are Miss Ellie aka 'The Dale' and Harley Bear aka 'The Bear'.

We are two Airedale Terriers.

I get called the Dale, because the pinkies used to call me 'the bloody dale' every time the found some of the destruction that I had created. In the past there has been quite a bit of that. But I am far more mature now and far less inclined to destroy things. I am 7 years old and have lived with the pinkies since I was 8 weeks old. Long enough for them to understand that I rule the house.

My sister is The Bear. She gets called the Bear because she has such a pretty face that everyone says she looks just like a teddy bear.

Yeah yeah whatever, we all know she is cute, but I am more fun.

She is 9 years old and only came to live with us in Feruary of 2006. Prior to that she lived with the breeder and pranced around the show ring for a couple of years, then made puppies for a few years. Now she lives with us.

We are actually sisters too, we both have the same parents.

I was very nice about her coming to live with us and I even let her play with all my toys and sleep in my bed.

Having the Bear meant that now the pinkies would stop trying to cuddle me all the time. I am far too busy for cuddles, I just want to play! So now everyone is happy.