Tuesday 30 September 2008

Bazzy's bent tail

Uh-oh.....I don't know how I did it, but my tail got all bent.

Mum and dad both had a poke around at it and moved it and stuff. It doesn't hurt me at all.

It just looks funny sticking out at 90 degrees. Mum thought it might be broken, but we went off to the vet and vet man says I have dislocated the joint at the tip of my Dale tail.

So now mum has to decide what we are gonna do about it. Bazzy says he don't care, cause it don't hurt.

Vet man says we can leave it alone (it may go back all on it own) or it may just stay bent forever.

The other option is to dock Bazzy's tail - oh noooooo, they gonna cut my tail off.

Mum says tail docking is illegal here in Australia, which is why Bazzy has a full tail.

But a vet will dock a tail for medical reasons. Looks like Bazzy has got good medical reasons.

Mum is gonna talk to daddy, see what he thinks........stay tuned.


Thursday 25 September 2008

Bazzy's Hairecut & sleeping on D's bed.

While D was visiting us, mum gave Baz a hAirecut, so she could show D how easy it is to clip us Dales.
Bazzy was not too happy about it, it was only his 2nd hairecut and he wasn't happy about having his head done, but here he is looking all nicely groomed and Daleish. And as we said in our last post, we missed D as soon as she left, so that night Bazzy and I went and had a nice nap together on the bed in the guest room.
We even managed to share the bed without any fighting.
I don't like Baz getting too close to me, so I give him a bit of a telling off sometimes.
We have established some 'sharing the bed rules'.
I sleep at the top near the pillows.
Bazzy has to stay down the bottom.

He is getting smarter now and keeps his distance.

So life is back to normal now, except mum is still home from work.
Both mum and dad are ill with horrid colds. Daddy came home from work at lunch time yesterday and mum hasn't been back to work all week.
Daddy says mum's cough is back and she sounds like us - barking.

Her coughing is so bad that Daddy slept in the guest room last night - just so he could get some sleep.

He gave Bazzy a big fright in the middle of the night.
Bazzy wandered down to go find dad, just as daddy had got up to go to the toilet. They met each other in the doorway and Bazzy barked at daddy then ran off with his tail between his legs cowering.
Oh my, he sure ain't no guard dale like me! lol.
He then slept on the bed with dad for a little while.
Silly Bazzy.

bye now

Miss Ellie :)

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Our visitor

Hey hey, we finally had our special visitor come stay with us.....guess who it was?
DENISE from Leura Dales.

Too bad the Leura Dales couldn't come too, but we were very happy to see Denise again.
Baz hadn't met Denise yet, so they had fun getting to know each other. But sooky boy Baz who was allowed to sleep on the big bed with D, wouldn't. He ran back to mum and slept on his own bed in his pen!

What a silly boy! Fancy passing up the chance to sleep on the big bed with D.

And you know what....Bazzy and I both had a sleep on D's bed after she went home.
We missed her already.

We all went on some nice is D walking with me in our favourite park in Beaconsfield.
Stupid Bazzy found the foot off a dead kangaroo. YUK Bazzy.

Mum and D also went to visit our friend Jane and her two Dales, Sam and Mr Perriwinkle.
So D got to meet Mr P and Sam at last. They are 2 lovely Aireboys.

This is Mr Perriwinkle, he's a bit cheeky.

And this is Sam, he's just lovely

AND mum, dad and D went to visit Brooke and Greg and see Charlie and Opy.
Mum said Charlie looks really good now, way better than last time she saw him.
He even broke into a run out in his garden. Woo hoo Charlie.......there is still lots of life in that old boy!
So all the pinkies had a really nice time catching up.

D even got to see our Dale friends Spot and Cino.
Here is Bazzy saying hello to Spottie and Cino through the fence.

Bazzy and Spottie giving Dale kisses.....

So D really got a huge Dale fix while she was in Melbourne. There are LOTS of Airedale's down here. And they are all our friends too!

D, has gone back to Leura dales now, we bet they are happy she is back home.
Come again soon D, and you can bring B next time too (lol).

See I am sad now you have gone home D.....

The pinkies are hatching up plans for us to ALL go away on holidays together - that includes all of us Dales - wooo hoooooooooo.

Bye now

Miss Ellie

Thursday 18 September 2008

Guess who is coming to stay

Ooooh lots of things happening in our house this week.

Mum has been cleaning the guest room, getting it ready for our special visitor....we're not allowed in the guest room now, because we jump all over the bed and mum is trying to keep it clean.

Our visitor is coming to stay with us this weekend and we can't wait to see her again.

Bazzy hasn't met her yet - but he will soon
I think our visitor is planning to let Bazzy sleep on the big bed with her while she is here. He doesn't know that yet though.

Baz has grown heaps just recently and is now BIGGER than me.

He is 28.3kg at 9 months. No wonder the fat little muppet man is having growing pains!

And I am a BIG Airegirl, being 25.2kg with long leggies.

Bazzy is just a big BOOFA. Mum is scared he will keep growing and be a giant!

And the evidence below is what Boofa Boy Bazzy did to MY Dale house.
(mum finally got blogger working properly again and can upload piccies - yay)

Ruined it is what he did. But mum cleaned it all up and put my bed back inside and I still sleep in there during the afternoon while mum and dad are at work.

So hurry up weekend, so our special visitor arrives, we are gonna jump ALL OVER her.

ha ha and Bazzy will give her little Bazzy kisses - slobbery messy Bazzy kisses - YUK.

We'd like to thank Noah and the girlie Dales from Leura for our award - thanks maties......

We'd like to pass this award on to: All the doggies in bloggeer land.

Miss Ellie

Monday 8 September 2008

The Dale House

Stupid Bazzy is eating my Dale house.
I am so upset. I LOVE my Dale House. My daddy built it just for me when I was just a wee baby Dale way back in the year 2000 when the pinkies first got me.

Now Bazzy is ruining it. Stupid Bazzy. He is eating it....chomping away at the opening trying to make it bigger so that he can squeeze his big fat butt in there with me.
Go away Bazzy! I don't want you in MY Dale House - it is MINE.

He doesn't get it when I growl at him when he tries to get in the Dale House and I am already in there.
Bazzy - Newsflash - there isn't enough room for two of us - and I was there first.

Now stop trying to eat my House.

Sunday 7 September 2008

Catching Up

Well it has been a little while since our last update - only because mum hasn't been very well since she came back from that USA place.
Daddy says when mum coughs it sounds like she is barking like a Dale! ha ha.
Poor mum. She is sick in her lungs again.

We spent a couple of days just trying to keep dry because it hasn't stopped freakin' raining.....although today was good.
Bazzy spent all day outside in the back garden with the pinkies. They did some gardening - all under Bazzy's supervision of course.
I spent most of the day inside my kennel, enjoying the peace of not having Bazzy constantly harrassing me. Gee it was nice to get some peace.

We haven't been able to get much PC time either....mum has joined stupid Facebook and hogs the office ALL the bloody time - get out mum so I can BLOG!

It's not like it is all about her - we ALL know it is all about us DOGS!

Ha ha

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Miss Ellie