Friday 21 March 2008

Baz's Big Day Out.

Oh woo hoo, wooo hooooo, I finally got to go OUT. Hooray, hooray.
Today the pinkies and Ellie and I when on a Dales Day Out.
It is a holiday here and the pinkies are both home from work, so we all got into the car and went for a nice drive and then I got to go walkies for the first time ever, out in the big wide world.
Here we are in the car. Ellie loves the car, but I am not too sure about it yet.

And here is a photo of Ellie and I with our daddy.
We went to a nice place with a river and a bike path to walk along.
It is a bit cooler today so there weren't many other people about.
Ellie got to go off along a dirt track along the river bank, but pinkie made me stay on the path.

Uh-oh, you weren't supposed to see this photo....ooooops. This is my pinkies toe after I bit her this morning. It was an accident, truly it was......
I was chewing on mummy's sandal while she was eating her breakfast and I missed the shoe and got her toe. She yelled so loud it scared me and I ran off and hid behind daddy.
When we got home from our big walkies pinky gave us a nice chew to chomp on. Ellie and I even managed to sit nicely together on the mat for a while. Ellie eventually went off somewhere else to eat her chew in peace.
She doesn't like it when I get too close to her. Does she think I am going to bite her or something????

Have a nice Easter break everyone.

Love, Baz (the biter) and Miss Ellie. xxx

Monday 17 March 2008

Oh it is so HOT!

You would never think summer was over. We have been hit by this horrid heatwave that never seems to be ending.
Pinky gave me my first hAirecut on the weekend, just to try to keep me cooler. Ellie got a nice hAirecut a couple of weeks ago - lucky for her as she was a bit woolier than I am.

We had a nice time with the pinkies on the weekend. We went for a big ride in the car, over to the grandpinkies place. They weren't home, but daddy wanted to pick up the big jetski so the pinkies could go to the beach. Ellie I and went just so we could run amok in the grandpinkies HUGE garden. They have an acre of garden to play in, with lots of great hiding places and trees and stuff. And I got to meet the grandpinkies "poodles" for the first time.
Eddy (the sook) was ok, he played with me and we had fun running under the water from the hose. But Harri was a cranky, snappy thing and daddy put her back inside because she wouldn't play nice. Pinkies call her the "stupid poodle" ha ha.
Then we got to go for another long car ride home. I got a bit tired and sooky, so mum sat in the back and let me sleep with my head on her lap.
It was nice to have special cuddles with my pinky. Dad says I am a mummy's boy, but that is ok by me, cos Ellie is definately Daddy's girl, so it works out well.
The pinkies went to the beach yesterday but it was too hot for us - 39c, so Ellie and I stayed inside where it was nice and cool. It was 39c again today, but I slept under my favourite tree in the shade, lying in the big hole I have dug out.

Oh well, it is time for bed now, I still need my puppy sleeps.

Oh I forgot to tell you, the pinkies have started letting me up on the big bed with them every morning - Woo hooooooo.
I love jumping all over daddy and trying to bite his ears. Then I snuggle in and have nice cuddles or lie on my back and get my tummy tickeled.

Life is pretty good being a Dale puppy.

Luv Ya
Baz xx

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Baz doing training practice

Well I think you are all in trouble now that pinky knows how to do the video thing with the camera, ha ha.

Here is evidence that I am a good little dale pup and I do as I am told (see Ellie, I am a good boy, pinky says so.)

Pinky says this is especially for Auntie Denise, who isn't going to meet me until September when she comes for a visit.

I am a big boy now, at 12 weeks old and weighing 8kgs. Pinky says I am growing every day.

I had my first visit to my new Vet. It was ok, he stuck a needle in me, but I was a good boy and the nice man gave me yummy dried liver to eat. I liked him. He said I was a lovely pup. Of course I am, I'm and Airedale!

Bye now


Sunday 9 March 2008

Hey hey the pinkie finally managed to get us on video. It is a bit dark, but you can see Bazzy and I playing bitey face out in our back garden.

We were having a lovely time playing together.

I am not being so gentle with him as I used to, he needs to be shown that he is not the boss. I don't hurt him though. And he always comes back for more, ha ha.

Bye now, Miss Ellie

Friday 7 March 2008

Why are puppies such hard work

Hello everyone,
Why are puppies such hard work? My life was pretty easy with just me and the pinkies.
Baz has turned the whole place upside down.
He wakes us all up far too early in the mornings. Pinkie and I used to enjoy a bit of a lie in bed each morning, but not anymore.
Baz wakes up and the whole house gets woken up too. For one little puppy he sure can make a lot of noise. Pinkie has to get out of bed to take Baz outside to pee, otherwise he pee's in his pen, on his bed. Dirty little boy! But I guess he does well to hold it in all night.

I have started to teach him who is boss. He is a persistent little devil, but I have a distinct size advantage, so I need to make the most of that while he is still little. He'll learn eventually.
The pinkies think Baz is going to be a big boy Dale when he grows up.
His dale-daddy Elton is a big boy dale too.

Luckily my pinkies give me a break from the little devil and let me go up to the big bed for some peace and quiet. Ha ha Baz isn't allowed in the rooms with carpet unles the pinkies are in the same room, in case he pee's.
Me on the other hand, I have access to any room in the house. Because I am a good Dale and know how to behave properly.
See pinkie, all those years at Obedience School did pay off.
Now you just need to each Bazzy some manners too.

He is finally asleep, so I can have some time alone with my pinkies - yay.

Miss Ellie (who has the patience of a saint)

Why are puppies such hard work

Play time

Playing with daddy's football......that was fun!
Stealing daddy's thong....that was fun too.
Playing bitey face with Ellie. She plays hard for an old Dale.
Sometimes I just have to give in and let her win.....but then I come back for MORE....yay!

Me and Ellie have been having some fun times playing out in our back garden.

I have found some good things to steal, daddy's thongs, daddy's football, all sorts of good things. I was finally allowed into the garage and boy are there lots of good things to play with in there.

The only bad thing is pinkie has this thing called "the grooming table" in the garage, and she has put me on there at least 5 times now.

Geez, I am a puppy, I am supposed to be all scruffy and stuff.

Plus I am a BOY, I don't wanna look all pretty!

Pinkie is taking me to see the VET tomorrow. Should I be excited about that? What is a VET? I just hope there is food involved.

Baz :)

Sunday 2 March 2008

Baz the baby Dale

Hey everyone, it's Baz the baby Dale here.
I thought I should let you know what I have been up to lately.
First of all I have been eating lots and lots of yummy food, and it is making me grow really really fast.
I have been doing lots of playing and exploring at home. Mum gave me this big cardboard box to play with. (Ellie got one too). We had a great time ripping and jumping on it. I played with it for ages before I had to wander off for a little nap.

I have been a really good boy at night time now, and go off to bed without crying like I used to. You can see me in my pen. I am getting big now and can reach the top with my front paws.
I have also mastered the art of looking very sorrowful. This is a ploy to trick my pinkies into feeling sorry for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Pinkies can be a bit tricky to manipulate can't they?
I have also discovered shoes. I have chewed up mum's nice brown leather slip ons, destroyed her black ballet flats and as you can see below, I have hit the jackpot and found daddy's running shoes. They certainly smell interesting! Some good chewing to be had, but the pinkies took these off me quick smart. Never mind - I know where daddy leaves them now and if I am quick I can run off with one before he even realises. Ha ha daddy.
And joy of all joys, I have found a nice little place in the garden to dig holes! I like to run along the fence behind all the trees. It is nice and cool there too. Then I made a nice little hole for myself to lie in for an afternoon nap. Of course I had to dig it out a little bit first.
The pinkies tell me I won't fit in there for much longer, but I reckon I can squeeze in there for a while yet. Look how comfy I am.......

Oh and yesterday mum took me to this place called the Vet. We didn't go inside, we went straight around the back through these really big gates. When we got inside there were lots of other puppies there.

I got to play with some of them off lead (yes they have started putting this horrid thing called a lead on me - how rude is that?)

But then this great big brute of a puppy named Rocky came and barreled me over and I didn't like it at all. He was far too rough with me. I ran off and hid under the stairs.

Mum tried to coax me to come out, but I wouldn't. I didn't like Rocky one bit.

Mum dragged me out of my hiding place and we started "Puppy School"

Once we started doing things and I realised stupid Rocky couldn't get near me anymore, I was fine then. We learned things like "sit" and "free" and "no". it was all very interesting. Mum says I was a very good boy.

Afterwards I got to make friends with some other smaller puppies - a border collie and a chocolate Lab. They were nice and we played for a bit. I never went near Rocky again (His pinkies got into trouble from the trainer too, ha ha). We hope he doesn't come back to class.

I also got to have my first real ride in the car. I wasn't too keen on it actually. I cried a little bit, being in the back of the station wagon all on my own was a bit scary. I cried on the way home too. Luckily it only took five minutes to get home. Then I flaked it and crawled into my garden hole for a big sleep. Puppy school is hard work.

Mum has been practising with me today too. I keep hearing that "no" word alot.

In fact the pinkies have started to intervene everytime I try to attack Ellie now too. They both tell me "no". I just want to play! But I don't think Ellie likes it when I bite her. She growls at me. The pinkies say I have to learn to play "nice" whatever that is.

Uh oh someone is in the kitchen - I gotta go investigate. I have learned that the kitchen is where ALL good things come from.