Friday 25 April 2008

Anzac Day, Black and Tan Beer

It is ANZAC Day here in Australia today - April 25th.
There were special memorial services for all the Service Men and Women that have served our country.

Lest we forget.

Daddy's Grand-dad was a gunner in the Royal Australian Air Force and served in New Guinea in WW2.

Rest in peace grand-dad.

So today the pinkies and us Dales had a special walk through our favourite bush park out in Beaconsfield.

It is nice and quiet out there and Bazzy even got to walk on the flexi lead

(he has Harley's old blue one now).

We met quite a few other doggies out on their walkies and got to say hello and have a little bit of a play.

Ha ha silly Bazzy has to learn that not all other doggies are as friendly as us Dales.
A cranky old black dog growled at Bazzy and said "back off puppy".
Bazzy ran and hid behind daddy.

Look at this awesome beer that Daddy got.

It is from a Boutique Brewery called Grand Ridge out in Gippsland, Victoria.

It is called Black and Tan - just like us Airedale's ha ha.

Pinky snuck up on us while we were napping on our beds outside on the deck.......

Bazzy was sprawled out on his back snoring his little puppy head off.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Love Miss Ellie

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Our big day out at the ADT Club Beach Picnic

Well woooo hoooooooooooo and yippeeeeeee,
Here are the photos that Brooke has taken at the
Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Annual beach picnic.
Thank you Brooke - you did a great job.
Bazzy meeting Mr Perriwinkle and Sam....hello boys!
Me, Bazzy begging daddy to please please please give me some of his sausage in bread.
Old Miss Ellie......ready to go home.
Some tiny weeny baby Dale pups....gee was I ever that little???
Chasing my brother Morris along the beach....woo hoo that was awesome fun.
My gorgeous daddy Dale - Yorkpark Elton Isa Star.....pinky thinks he is soooo handsome.
Ron with Elton, Daddy with me and mum with!
Look at my ears flapping as I run, Morris runs just like me too....ears flapping.
Do you like me new collar? Pinky says I stood out on the beach and they could find me easily by my bright yellow Dale collar. Pinky got it from Annette's Airelooms.
They have awesome Dale stuff!

Uh oh....Di Barclay (our breeder mum from Yorkpark) managed to get me up on the picnic table for a bit of a tidy up. She said mum had done a great job getting rid of my puppy fluff, but Di just cleaned me up a bit more and made me look all grown up. I was pretty tired from running all over the place with Morris, so I couldn't put up much of a fight!

Here I am ready to play with anyone I could find to play with. I'm havin' a great time.....
Some Dales even went into the water....brrr it was pretty cold. I got my leggies wet but then ran back out again.
Look at me launching after Morris....he is fast, but I managed to get him.....then we had a great game of bitey face. He looks bigger than me, but he is still all puppy fluff.

And this lovely lady is Jaffa. She was a rescue dale that has a wonderful new forever home with Hazel. It was the first time we met Jaffa and she was a real sweetie.

So that was our big was a brilliant day out, and I can't wait till the next one.


Monday 21 April 2008

With my Daddy

Look at me with my daddy.......two daddy's actually. My pinky daddy Tim is holding me, and my Dale daddy 'Yorkpark Elton Isa Star' is with Ron.
Notice all the other Dales in the background? Dales were everywhere. Pinky says it was heaven.

I hope I grow up to be as handsome as Elton, he charms all the Airegirls.
He's a bit of an old smoothy. He is in good shape for a 10 year old Dale daddy. He let me jump all over him and we had a little play. I think he knew I was his boy - we connected.

You can't see it very well in these pics but I even got to wear my brand new collar to the Beach Picnic.

Pinky ordered it all the way from the USA (ADT rescue actually) and now I have a lovely yellow collar with running Airedales on it just like my big sissy Ellie's (except hers is red)

Now this was a very exciting time for Bazzy................................................

There I was just moochin around minding my own business then whammo outta nowhere jumps this black hoppy thing (pinky called it a cricket) I called it MINE!

Wooo hooo what a great time I had with my own black hoppy thing. He got well and truly stomped on by my giant Dale paw. Somehow one of his legs fell off, so he didn't jump too well after that. I tried to eat it, but pinky squealed at me "no Bazzy leave it" like a mad woman. I am sure it would have tasted ok you know.
For some reason Miss Ellie got a new bed this week. Not me, just Ellie. Now that seems a bit like favouritism if you ask me. But anyway I got to try it out eventually. Old Ellie went off to the big bed and I thought it would be a good time to try out her new bed. It was all still warm where she had been lying too - nice.

Pinky thinks us Dales are strange because we always have our heads hanging off the bed on the hard floor. We both like to sleep like that.

Daddy took this pic of me while I was in my crate at night time sleeping. I bang around all night in there trying to get comfy. I like to lie up against the side. And I love to lie on my back.

Sometimes the pinkies will tickle my belly while I am sleeping - I don't mind that either.

Lucky I am not shy ey?

Pinky has been home with us all day today - she is off work with a virus and has been sleeping all day, we don't mind cause we have been sleeping with her. I wonder if we all snore together? She tells me off for trying to eat her dirty tissues LOL.

Daddy is away on business and won't be home for a few days, so Ellie and I are in charge of looking after pinky! Or maybe it is the other way round?

She gave us lamb shanks this morning so we were quite happy lying out in the morning sun chewing away on our bones....yum.

Till next time


Thursday 17 April 2008

ADT Club beach picnic

Wow what a great time we had on Sunday.
The Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria held their annual Beach Picnic. They didn't have one last year (because where they hold it was being renovated)
But this year it was HUGE.
There were Dales running EVERYWHERE.

Brooke came with us too........woo hooo. I think she was impressed at the sight of all us gorgeous Airedales lol.

We got to meet up with our Dale friends Mr Periwinkle, Sam and Charlie and their pinky Jane. We got to see Lou Lou and Sue Forrester, (Sue runs Dale rescue in Aust). We saw Jaffa and Hazel (Jaffa is a princess rescued from hell). And we saw Curly and Tzara from our breeders "Yorkpark".
We met lots of new dales too.

But very best of all - my daddy Elton was there AND my brother Morris was there too!
Morris and I had a wonderful reunion on the beach.
We were both allowed off lead (thank you pinkies, it was my first time off lead in public)
We ran and ran and jumped on each other and ran between all the big Dales and played bitey face. I even put my paws in the bay.
It was my very first time at the beach. I think pinky wanted to see if I would go into the water.
I did, but only up to my knees (do Dales have knees?)

We guess that there were about 40 Airedales at the picnic, there were many more pinkies, but us Dales were the important focus of the day (and rightly so too).
It was a great turnout, especially as it had been raining on Sunday morning and we weren't sure it would still be on. But the weather held off and it wasn't too bad - it didn't rain on us.

Pinky was far too busy yak yak yakking to take many photos. But Brooke took lots and she is going to put them on a disk for pinky.
So photos will be posted soon.

Miss Ellie was a big sookie baby on the day. She was as happy as larry to be there for the first 10 minutes, but once she had said hello to all the other dales and their pinkies she was ready to go home. Silly old girl.
She needs to learn how to PARTY like me and Morris. We had fun.

Thanks ADT Club - it was a great afternoon.
I flaked out and slept in the car all the way home.


Sunday 13 April 2008

Photos that Greg took

Here are the photos that Greg took of us......
this is me Bazzy the little muppet man....
And here I am trying to steal pinkies shoe..........
look at the innocence on my face ha ha.
Of course I got the shoe and here I am having a good ol' chew session.
Hmmmm there is nothing nicer to chew than leather.

Getting a nice pat from Brooke - I think she loves me...........aaaaawwwwwww

A picture of Airedale puppy Bazzy.

Oh not so innocent here.........

Ellie and I were having a nice old game of bitey face.

Ouch she got me....
She sure was telling me off, growling and snapping at me.....of course I couldn't have cared less.
See me challenging her....I keep pushing her until she gives it to me, then it is game on!! woo hoo
Old Miss Ellie, daddy's princess, my play thing.

Thanks Greg and Brooke for the lovely photos. There are many many more, but too many to blog.

See ya soon every one

No biting Bazzy

Hey everyone
It seems like ya all need to know what the special thing is that Greg showed pinkie to stop me biting her.....well every time I go to bite mum now she grabs me by the jaw and holds her thumb in my mouth and holds onto my lower jaw and says "no biting".
It works because I almost never bite now. (excpet Ellie ha ha)
She used to put her hand over my whole jaw, but that never worked - it just made me want to bite her more lol.
So now I am the no biting Bazzy and both the pinkies think I am the best Bazzy ever.

We had a nother visit from Brooke today. The pinkies were so happy because Greg and Brooke gave them lovely presents - pictures of me and Ellie.
Greg even framed 4 of the best photos for us and they look wonderful. Mum has to decide now where she is going to hang them. Greg is a great photographer. The pinkies cannot thank them enough, they are so happy.

We had a very special dales Day Out today - and Brooke came with us.
Today was the annual Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Beach Picnic.
We had a ride in the car down to Seaford beach and when we got there we were so excited because there were already about 20 Airedales running around the picnic grounds.
Ellie and I said hello to lots of people and their Dales then we headed down to the beach and woooo hoooooooooo there were about 20 more Airedales running around on the beach.
And guess who was there???

My daddy Elton and my brother Morris. Woo hoooooo.

Morris and I had a great time tearing around all over the beach chasing each other.
Daddy let me off lead and Morris was off lead, so we took off like little rockets playing chasey.
We were very good little puppies because we didn't go off too far. We ran through all the big Dales and then chased each other. But daddy kept a close eye on us.
Pinky was too busy talking to all her Airedale pinky friends. Blah blah blah.
Brooke took lots of photos, so pinky will blog them soon.

We got to catch up with Mr Perriwinkle, Sam and Charlie our other Dale friends, as well as Curly and Tzara from our breeders family. Di (the breeder) gave me a nice little trim and pinky thinks I look very grown up now.
Pinky was in Dale heaven, even Brooke was happy to see so many Dales together. There were even some little tiny baby dales about 6-7 weeks old in a play pen. They were so little - was I that little so recently?
Pinky says I am a big Bazzy now.
I am starting to get my big Dale teeth. Di had a close look at my gums and told pinky my teeth are coming. The first two front ones can already be seen. No wonder my gums have been sore.
Poor Bazzy.

Ellie was a bit aloof at the Dale picnic today and wanted to go home. She isn't very social....cranky old girl. Once she has said hello to everyone she is ready to one taught her how to party like Morris and I did.....I never wanted to go home.

We both needed a big Dale nap when we got home. We crahed out on our beds for hours.

See ya


Sunday 6 April 2008

My first day at Doggie School

Hey everyone, it's Bazzy here. I have snuck in to the study while lazy old Ellie is sleping on the pinkie's big bed.
Wow did I have fun yesterday at Doggie School. I got to meet soooooo many other puppies.
There were 40 new puppies starting yesterday.
It was awesome.
We played and played for ages before class started.
And I got to meet lots of other big doggies too. I made good friends with Coda the German Shepherd/Standard Poodle cross - she was rescued by the RSPCA and now has a new forever home.
She is FUN. and I met her big brother the Great Dane - he was massive, but he lay down and let me lick his nose.
We broke off into groups of 10 then started doing all these "exercises" on lead. I was pretty good because pinky had already been practising with me at home.
We did free walking, recall and sit. I was a good Bazzy and did all of them when pinky told me to.
But I was a very tired Bazzy by the end of the class and had to lie down for a nap at pinkies feet.
I was even a good Bazzy in the car on my own. I prefer it when Ellie is in the car with me, but I was all by myself in the back and I didn't cry. Pinky says I was a very good Bazzy. Yay.

Pinkie has a new trick to stop me from biting her. Greg showed her what to do when he came over to visit on Saturday night. So now I am a very good Bazzy because I don't bite my pinky anymore. She loves me again!

Till next time............bye from Bazzy
Wow what a great time we have had this weekend.
We chilled out at home with daddy on friday night, whilst pinky went off for her sleep study.
We all watched football together. Bazzy and I just slept on the floor really, while dad watched footy. Pinky's team lost - oh dear!
Pinky came home really early on Saturday morning to find daddy alseep in bed with Baz on the big bed too. I was on my own bed like a good dale girl.
Pinky climbed back into bed complaining that for a sleep study she didn't get much sleeping done!
Dad and I chilled out at home in the afternoon doing some gardening while pinky took Bazzy to Dog School (hopefully he will learn some manners)
They were gone for hours and hours - I loved it.
When they finally got home Baz crashed out on his bed and slept for ages. I don't know what they did to him, but he was one tired little baby Dale. It was nice to have some peace, ha ha.
When he woke up pinky gave us a nice big bone each to have a chew on - yummmmmm.

Then best of all - Saturday night Brooke and Greg came to visit us.
Woooo hoooo
I met them at the front door with my big scary Airedale Woof Woof Woof.
But of course they knew it was all bluff, and I really am just a little princess ha ha.
They were really really nice and Greg brought his camera and took lots of photos of us.
Pinky has no camera at the moment because she lent it to her friend. Silly pinky.

So we had a nice time playing with Greg and Brooke, they brought us both a cool toy and a piggies ear each.
We were so happy with that -thanks so much.
All the pinkies went out to dinner - something called Chinese, whatever that is.

Then today Bazzy and I got to go for a ride in the car and had a lovely Dales Day Out walkies.
The sun is shining today and so we made the most of the lovely weather and went to a big park, with an off lead play area that is all fully fenced in.
Bazzy and I chased each other around for a while, then we were put back on lead and we went for a nice walkies. We even met two little shetland ponies. They just look like big doggies.

Daddy is watching more footy on tv (he is really ill at the moment with a bad case of the flu)
Daddy had a flu vaccination and now it has made him really ill - poor daddy.

Good news about nanna, she is recovering really well and is up and about doing exercises to make her heart all better. Go nanna go!
Thank you everyone for your special 'get well nanna' wishes - she says thanks!

Now I think I need to go and have a nap on the big bed. Bazzy has crashed out and is asleep and snoring.

See ya
Miss Ellie the Superdale.

Thursday 3 April 2008

Guess who's coming to visit

Woo hooooooo Wooo hoooooooo

Guess who is coming over to play with us on Saturday?????

You will never guess, so we had better tell you.

Brooke and Greg (Opy and Charlie's pinkies).

I hope they bring a camera cause silly pinky lent ours to her friend for the weekend.

They are coming to visit and then going out for dinner with our pinkies.
We can't wait to meet them and give them loads of Dale kisses.
I hope Bazzy behaves himself.

And guess what else is happening on Saturday????
Me - Bazzy - is starting Dog obedience school.
I am not too sure what it is all about yet, but all I know is that there will be lots of other dogs there. I think I am excited???
But I think I would like it better if my big sis Miss Ellie was coming with me, but she's not. She did obedience a long long time ago.

Our nanna is in hospital. Mummy's mum had a small heart attack in January and now she just had open heart surgery on Tuesday to do a triple heart bypass.
Mummy says the surgery went well, after a minor complication yesterday nanna is doing ok now.
We are not allowed to go to visit her in this hospital place. But the pinkies will pass on our special Dale kisses to nanna - that will make her feel better.

Our mummy is going into this hospital place tomorrow night for something called a sleep study.
Mummy stops breathing in her sleep. That's a bit silly isn't it????
She will be home on saturday morning though.
We think she is just going for a rest from us and daddy lol.

Bazzy has to go to the vet tomorrow night for his 16 week vaccination injection - ha ha don't tell him because he doesn't know yet.

See ya next time

Miss Ellie and Baz xxx

My turn now

I wanna play toooooo.

Yay me be called - Bazzy - full name is:
Yorkpark Bearach Sta-shine

B - Boy - cause I am one.
E - Energy - cause I have LOTS
A - Airedale - that's what I am
R - Rough (well I am a boy)
A - Adorable, cause I am still just a baby dale
C - Cute - awwwwwwee
H - Hurricane - pinkie says I am just like one.

Woo hoo, that is all about me - Bazzy the baby Dale.

Tagged to play

Dixie the Dog tagged me to play the Middle Name game.

Here are the rules:

1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers.

2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don’t have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother’s maiden name).

3. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person (or blog of another species) for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged)

My full name is Yorkpark Ellie On a Role.

So here goes:

E - Ears, I have two small dales ears that don't sit "right" and they stick up making me look like a kangaroo.

L - I am pretty lazy, I like to lie around on the big bed most of the day, until pinky says "walkies"

L - Loud, I a have a great big loud Airedale "Woof"

I - Inquisitive, the pinkies say I am a sticky nose.

E - Elegant, when I am groomed all nicely and stand strong, pinky says I look very elegant!

Now I am tagging....................everyone that hasn't been tagged for this game already.

I am also going to do the 5 things about me list........thanks to Molly and Taffy who tagged it to everyone....

5 things I must do:

1. Teach Bazzy to stop biting me.
2. Go to Leura so I can see Noah again.
3. Convince my pinkies to take Bazzy back to where ever they got him from.
4. Come back when the pinkies call me.
5. Eat more roast chicken.

5 snacks I enjoy:

1. Cheese
2. Roast chicken
3. Pigs ears
4. Salami
5. Hot chips (naughty but yummmmmm)

5 things I would do if I was a Billionaire(dale)

1. Go on a holiday to see all my Airedale friends all over the world.
2. Send Bazzy to another country to live.
3. Make the pinkies stay home from work and play with us ALL DAY.
4. Eat roast chicken every night.
5. Feed all the starving dogs in the world.

5 bad habits:

1. Snoring
2. Grunting in my sleep
3. Sniffing hooman bottoms
4. Not coming back whrn the pinkies call me (I have airedale deafness)
5. Drooling on daddy's pillow on the big bed.

ha ha now everyone knows all about me - Miss Ellie - the Superdale!

Anyone who hasn't played this game - consider yourself tagged..........

Love Miss Ellie.