Sunday 24 February 2008

Fun at home

Things are starting to settle down at home now. Baz is still a little monster pup, but I have started to teach him who is boss.
I don't know how one little pup can cause so much mayhem, but he does.
He makes a mess all over the floor, even though the pinkies are trying so hard to teach him to pee outside. He can do it. He does a pee everytime they take him out and tell him to pee. But then he just trots straight back inside the house and pees again five minutes later.
I have never seen mum mop the floor so many times before. I think she has had enough of mopping though.

Today mum gave Baz and I a piece of flat mountain bread to eat. It was yummy too.
It started out with Baz on his mat, and me on my mat with our own peice of bread each.
But somehow the monster boy ended up lying on my mat with me.
That was ok until he started trying to get the bit of bread I was eating.
I gave up in the end and went outside to eat my bit of bread in peace.
The funny little monster ended up falling asleep under my bed.
He will sleep anywhere that boy. I am rather fussy about where I sleep. I like a nice comfy place to lie. Not him, he will sleep anywhere. But I don't get why he would choose to sleep on the hard ground when he has 2 nice comfy beds to choose from?

At least he wasn't trying to share my bed. For one small pup he takes up a lot of space on my bed.

The pinkies say he has grown heaps. All I know is he can reach higher when he bites me now.

See ya later.

Miss Ellie

Saturday 16 February 2008

The week from hell

Geez what a week it has been.....little Baz just doesn't ever leave me alone. Even when I try to sneak off to my favourite hiding place down behind the trees - he follows me.
The only time I get any peace is when the little monster finally falls asleep.
It was ok earlier in the week when mum wasn't going to work, but on Thursday mum left him outside with me for 4 hours while she went into the office.
Don't worry though I have started giving him a bit of a telling off when he gets too much.
On Friday mum went off to work ALL DAY and left Baz outside with me.
Oh dear, that was hard work.
AND the worse thing is the little monster pee'd on MY bed.
Lucky it is the weekend now and mum is home all day.

We had people coming to look at our house this morning (it is up For Sale, as we are moving closer to the beach) so mum took me out for a ride in the car and we had a fantastic long walkies through my favourite bush park - with no Baz.
He had to stay home cos he hasn't had all of his vaccinations yet, ha ha I got to go out without him. YAY!!!

It is pretty warm here today, I think our cool spell is over.
So Baz has flaked it and is asleep in the family room on the cool tiles.
I am going to head off up to the pinkies big bed and have a nap myself.
It was a long walkies that's for sure.

See ya soon.

Love Miss Ellie.

Tuesday 12 February 2008

Hello from Baz.

Hi everyone, it's me Baz.
I have kicked old Ellie off the computer and I am going to try my hand at this blogging thing.
I thought it can't be that hard after all can it?

I am settling into my new home rather nicely. I have a nice Auntie in Ellie. She lets me play with her, and sleep on her bed too.
I have a lovely big back garden to play in. Today I finally ventured all the way down the back, and I even found Ellie's hiding place.
Ellie and I have had some fun this afternoon playing chasey around the garden. Luckily I am only little and I can hide under the garden chairs when she barks at me. She has a very loud bark.
I have been getting all sorts of yummy food to eat. Today I had a small piece of carrot. I haven't had carrot before. I ate some of it, but the rest just got played with. Poor mum had to pick little bits of carrot up off the floor.
Then I had a wrestle with the blue frog. This was a toy that belonged to Harley, she was my great grandma. Mum showed me pictures of Harley and told me I had to grow up to be a good Dale like she was. Gee mum I will try but I can't promise anything.
Life is pretty good for a young Dale like me.

See ya later.


The Devil - Baz

Geez, how can one little puppy cause so much turmoil?
Baz is the devil, we are all sure of it, even the pinkies.
They say I was never this naughty when I was a pup - but I am a bit of a princess though!

Baz is over confident and already thinks he rules the house. Mum is putting him in his place though.
And those teeth, my goodness, he never stops biting me. The pinkies have started telling him "no" when he won't leave me alone. I have started getting time out away from him.

The pinkies never used a crate with me, but they have a pen for Baz, thank goodness. At least then I can get some peace.

I have a special hiding place down the very back of the garden behind all the big trees. He has never been down to the back of the garden. But I guess he will find my hiding place eventually.

Can we send him back? I was getting used to being on my own, now I have to learn to put up with the Devil Dale.

Mum has been a little concerned because I wouldn't eat for the first couple of days.
I had a nice brekky this morning though - chopped up steak - YUMMY.

Best I go back outside to my hidey place, I can hear the little monster waking up.

Miss Ellie.........

maybe if I am lucky he will be abducted by aliens????

Saturday 9 February 2008

He's here, wooo hoooooo

Well the day finally arrived where we went and picked up Baz to bring him home to our house.
Of course I got to go too, as I am rather an important part of the family you know.
He is a bit of a cheeky young pup, with some sharp little puppy teeth.
We had a lovely time this afternoon, I showed him around the back garden and we had some fun doing playbows to each other.
The pinkies both think he is rather cute. I think he is a true hells dale, with evil intentions.
Don't let that gorgeous little puppy face fool you....this boy is a devil.
He even has his own Wubba. I am rather upset about that, as I do not have a Wubba, but Baz has his very own baby Wubba.
Don't worry I have stolen it off him a few times and had a great time playing with it.

Time for bed now......more fun and games with the Devil Dale tomorrow.

Miss Ellie - The Superdale