Tuesday 27 January 2009

we're back in action

Hi ya everyone, we're back....mum was a bit slack about letting us blog, but we are back in action now!
We had a really nice Christmas, I got a nice yellow duck with a squeaker in it (thanks G&B) and Ellie got a big pink octopus, but of course I stole it off her and she let me have it!

Ellie doesn't really play with toys much anymore, she spends alot of time just lazing about.
Every now and then she gives me a good game of bitey face and she will play shake 'n kill with a toy, but mostly I steal them all off her, so she doesn't bother.
Mum says I am a bully and that I should share - uh-uh, I don't think so mum.

Our mum got all adeventurous too and baked us some speacial doggy biscuits.She got a doggy cookbook for Christmas more than 2 years ago and has never ever used it - well she finally dragged it out and gave us a treat. Now our mum doesn't really like cooking all that much, so it was really nice of her to bake jsut for US!
Daddy says here is the evidence that mum does indeed know where the kitchen is in our house.

Ellie had a nice munch on hers, while I wolfed mine down real quick and went inside looking for more.

They were herb and garlic flavoured low fat dog biscuits, because mum has put me on a diet - geeeeeez, that is so not fair, mum knows I just LOVE food.
We had a big fright on New Years Eve with the kids from next door letting off fireworks right outside our house. Mum was over at the neighbours place but she came home to check on us and we were both very very scared. So she went and spoke to the people next door and they stopped all the awful noises.
Too late, we were already terrified, so mum stayed home with us and tried to keep us both calm.

It's summer here now and it is starting to get really hot. Mum has given us both hairecuts recently, so that we can cope better with the heat. Poor old miss Ellie struggles with the really hot days now.
Mum has been leaving us inside with the air con on whilst she goes off to the office all day.
Better go, I think she's coming and I am not supposed to be in the study on my own (I still chew things)
See ya ...............Bazzy