Monday 21 June 2010

Hey, check out my brand spanking new Dale House!

Mum took us to Better Pets and gardens and let me choose it all by myself!

This is where I sleep now during the day while mum and dad are working.

Pretty comfy looking huh?

Who is the best tradies Dale in the world?

Baz, who else? Look at me sitting nicely and smiling for the camera. Notice the mess dad has made of the front garden.
They call it doing a total make-over. I call it making a huge mess!

But it is fun to help!

Bazzy Bear!

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Bazzy's limpy leggie

Hi ya everyone

Well most of you know that when I was a young pup I had a real sore leggie.
Our friend Steve the Vet diagnosed it as Panostietis (growing pains).

They took xray thingys to confirm it and I was kept confined for weeks and weeks.
I was just growing way too fast.

Well anyway, my leggie finally stopped growing and the pain went away.

But now every time we go for a mad run off lead, my limpy comes back.
Not as bad as it was before, but limpy just the same.

Mum and dad both think it is my shoulder and not my leggie. I think they are talking about taking me to see our new lady Vet, for more xray thingys.

I don't like being Limpy.

Miss Ellie doesn't care, she still wants to play bitey face with me and wrestle!

Oh and I got a hairecut on the weekend too, so I am looking all spiffy at the moment.
Dad says I am one handsome Aireboy!
Miss Ellie missed out on a Hairecut because she was being mighty cranky on the grooming table.
So she just got brushed and had her feet trimmed.

Mum was concerned at how frail old Miss Ellie is now.
She still has lots of spark, but is fragile. She made mum swear, because she so did NOT want to be groomed, mum ended up giving in to her. he he he

Cheeky old goat she is!

Love ya's

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Our new favourite park


Mum and dad took us to a new park called Jorgensen Park in Kalamunda.

And it was super awesome!

We got to run off lead and play with lots of other doggies.

They didn't take the camera this time, but mum says she definately will next time, as it is very pretty there.

We think it used to be a golf course.

We can't wait to go back there!

Ellie and Baz

Friday 4 June 2010

Airedale World

Hi ya everyone

Mum says we have to tell you about a new Airedale forum on the magic internet.

It is called Airedale World and the address is:

It is brand new and mum knows the 2 people that are running it, Zoe (who has 2 Airedales, Diggy and Womble) and Scott, (who has Famous Amos).

Please go and check it out, and if you like it....join up with us!

Miss Ellie and BazBoy