Tuesday 27 October 2009

Uh oh Ellie is in the Dog House

Naughty big sissie is in BIG trouble!

She ripped up her bed on Sunday night, mum walked into the bedroom and found such a mess. Ellie and I just watched as mum cleaned it all up.

Then about an hour later, mum and I were in the lounge and we heard some noises coming from the bedroom, so we both ran down there, and whammo - we caught Ellie red handed - or should that be red-pawwed. Caught in the act.

So mum yelled at the old girl and she scurried off to the back door and out into her kennel, where she hid for a while.

I went back to the bedroom to check on the mess. Oh boy, it was even worse than the first time!
Of course I lay on the floor, smack bang in the middle of all the foam. So when mum came back in she yelled at me too. I ran off and hid, I don't like it when mum yells at me - she's scary!
Doesn't she know that I am a Sensative New Age Aireboy?

So poor mum had to clean up the mess for a second time.

And do you want to know something funny?
Old Ellie tried it again last night, but mum heard her thrashing the bed around and caught her before she ripped it.
Needless to say, old Miss Ellie spent the night locked out of the bedrooms.

Ha ha, silly old goat sissy is.

She needs to be a good Dale - just like me!


Friday 23 October 2009

Mum won a prize!

Wow oh wow, look at what our mum WON !!!!!
Our mum bought tickets in the ATRA Quilting Bee Raffle and won this beautiful quilt called 'For the Love of Chloe'.
It was the runner up prize in the raffle.
Isn't it just pawesome?

Our mum let us give it a good sniffing all over when she brought it home. It smells like it comes form somewhere that has Dales?
So we certainly gave it a good sniff.

Of course stoopid Bazzy tried to bite it and mum said NO BAZZY.
He sooks it up a treat if mum yells at him - the big baby.

Anyway, so now this beautiful quilt is hanging on the wall in our family room at home.

Mum loves it and we love it too.

Thanks to everyone involved in the quilting bee. It is all for such a great cause - Airedale Rescue!

Mum says some Australian lady friends of hers are plotting for an Aussie version quilt! Look out for that one ha ha.

Mum won't be involved because she can't draw or sew.

I'm sure it will be a beauty though!


Miss Ellie