Friday 20 June 2008

On the couch and Fireworks

Bazzy had his first experience of fireworks last Saturday night.
It wasn't good!
He was outside on his own (sent out to do wee's) so when it happened he was terrified.
Dad went out to get him and couldn't find him. Mum went out and called him and he came running in from hiding behind the garden shed and had his tail right between his legs. He was shaking like a leaf.

He spent the night on the big bed, but didn't sleep (neither did the pinkies). I on the other hand was such a good girl.

Bazzy the brat has been skittish all week, but seems to be improving.
Although he won't let mum out of his sight.

And being Bazzy the big sook seems to be working a treat for the fat ball of fluff. All rules seem to have gone out the window.

It seems the Brat is now allowed up onto the couch to cuddle with mum.

You should see him up there snuggled in like a great big sooky baby. (oh yeah he is only 6 months old, so I guess technically he is still a baby)

Daddy thinks he shouldn't be up on the couch, but we all know that mum rules the house, so Bazzy is up on the couch and that is that!

At least now I get the big bed all to myself again.

I sure didn't like sharing it with Baz.

Baz is still scared of any loud noises. He was even scared of the tv last night.

I think both the pinkies are hoping he will grow out of it once he realises the noises are nothing.

Miss Ellie

Monday 9 June 2008

Bazzy the Gardener

Hey ho everyone
I survived my little visit to the Vet, it wasn't so bad.
I was a bit dopey on Friday night and mum kept me in my pen for a while and wouldn't let Ellie and I wrestle.
I had a bit if a bandage on my leg, but mummy cut it off. Now my leg is bald. Not a good look for a handsome boy like me!
But we were back to normal by Saturday.

Today I helped the pinkies out in the back garden. They are home from work today and we did some gardening out back.
I helped mum pick up all the doggie poop (she says it is her least favourite job lol).
Then we pulled a few weeds out of the garden - I was good at helping with that job.
Then daddy got this sensational noisy machine thingy called a lawn mower out from the big garden shed down the back of our garden.
I have seen it before, but today the pinkies actually let me chase it around the garden. Boy that was fun. It makes lots of noise and has big wheels to bite.

Mum and I played fetch with my new ball too. I can run and run and run in our back garden, there's plenty of room for Bazzy.

Old Miss Ellie just lay up on her bed on the deck. She has seen it all before and she doesn't do fetch.
She did join in on a game of chase daddy though, she barks at him, ha ha. He runs faster than us then he hides and jumps out to try and scare us - ha ha, we're Dales, we're not scared of him.

Bazzy got to meet Smokey and Milo who live in the house behind us yesterday. We were out walking with the pinkies and Smokey and Milo were out front of their house with their daddy.
Smokey is old and she barked at me. Milo barks at me all the time through the back fence, but it is just play. We both run up and down chasing each other along the back fence all the time.

It is raining here this afternoon, so not much is happening now. The pinkies are watching dvd's - something about Sweeney Todd, mum says there was lots of blood - yuk.
Lucky we had our big walkies this morning.

See ya


Saturday 7 June 2008

Poor Bazzy No Balls

Oh dear, mum took off early yesterday morning with Bazzy in tow. I was quite upset at being left at home whilst everyone else was out, I don't mind saying.
But when I found out later just where mum took Bazzy, I must admit I had a little bit of a giggle.
Poor Bazzy was dragged off to the vet to be castrated!
Argh, poor little muppet man.
Mum brought him home at 6pm last night and he wouldn't get out of the car. He eventually came inside the house and mum told me I had to be a good girl and look after baby Baz.
He was looking rather pathetic I must say.
Mum put Bazzy in his pen out in the family room, so he could see everyone. He just lay on his bed very placidly - not like the Bazzy we know ey?
He ate his dinner - scoffed it down actually. Then mum let him out of his pen for a little while, but he was still very quiet.
I left him alone, he obviously wasn't up to playing wrestlemania with me.
He cried a little bit through the night, but I think it was just to get some attention rather than anything else.
The vet gave him an injection of pain killers, so he should have been ok.
At 3am mum got up to take him out for a weewee, then he got up on the pinkies big bed with them and slept up there.
Now that is a bit rude I thought. The big bed is my domain not Bazzy's. But I left him alone, at least he was quiet up there.

Today he seems fine. Mum has been watching him all day and making sure I am not too rough with him. We have had a little session of wrestlemania, so that was good.
This afternoon the pinkies took us for a nice long walk all around our estate.
Silly Bazzy picks up stuff he finds on our walks and carries it around with him. Mum says Bazzy is a rubbish collector.

It has been raining and cold here for a few days now, luckily it is the weekend and those pinkies are home.

Bye now
Miss Ellie xxx