Monday 28 January 2008

Happy Australia Day

Hey, Happy Australia Day to every doggie down under.

I have had a wonderful time today with my pinkies. We went down for a lovely stroll along the Mordialloc creek all the way to the beach. It is a fine 25c sunny day, just lovely out.

We had never been for walkies down there before. We all had a great time.

Silly mummy got a little sunburnt, but that is pretty ironic on Australia Day I know the line "I love a surburnt country" etc etc. Ha ha.

Of course the silly pinkies didn't take the camera, I really must start to remind them before our day out trips.

But they did manage to trick me into posing for photos in daddy's Akubra hat. I think it makes me look like an Aireboy rather than the princess that I am. But the pinkies were having a great time and who I am to try and spoil their fun?

Of course I didn't make it too easy for them, they had to chase me around the garden
Bye now.....Miss Ellie xx

Sunday 27 January 2008

At last, at last, introducing....Bearach.

Finally, after waiting so long, here he is............
Yorkpark Bearach Shining Star.

Wow, what a day we have had today. We all went off on a lovely long drive out to Yorkpark to meet the puppies.

I got to come along too, woo hoooooooooo (I do love being in the car).

I wasn't allowed to go near the puppies, but I got to have a wonderful play with Elton, who is the puppies daddy Dale.

We had the whole Dale play garden to ourselves, whilst the pinkies and the puppies were in the front garden.

Well my pinkies were grinning from ear to ear at the sight of 5 beautiful little baby Aireboys.

They got to cuddle every single one of them, and play with them until they all fell asleep exhausted.

Mum couldn't pick just one, even though she already had her eye on one in particular. They had a big cuddle, but they were all so lovely she couldn't make a choice.

At the very end of the visit we had all decided to wait until the day we pick Bearach up to bring him home and choose him then.

BUT as we were leaving Di had the biggest of the 5 boys in her arms and it was the one mum had liked the most. Di and mum talked a bit more (yak yak yak yak) then Di said "are you sure you don't want to pick one?" and mum well if I had to pick one today it would be this one. So......we now have a new Aireboy.
He will come home to us on Feb 9th.
He has a tiny amount of white fur on his back foot, so we'll know which one he is straight away.
He is also the biggest male puppy in the litter..........he is a bit of a Boofa, lol.
We can't wait till he comes home.....not long now.
Miss Ellie

Saturday 26 January 2008

Happy Birthday Harley Bear

Yesterday - January 25th - would have been Harley's 10th birthday.

Last night the pinkies and I sang Happy Birthday to the night stars, just for Harley.

We are sure she was wagging her Dale Tail.

Mummy made this collage of her favourite photos of The Bear.........

Tuesday 22 January 2008

One of these squirmy little pups will be Bearach

Ok time for some more photos. Here are the 5 little boy puppies from Melba's litter, you can just see one of them hiding right up the back. I bet he was up to no good.
Here are 6 of the puppies, one is missing. I wonder where it disappeared to?
Probably up to no good. Well they are Airedale puppies remember.....

Ok, so here are all seven of the little babies. Soon one of these will be ours.

I wonder which one it will be?

They are all very cute indeed. The pinkies are going out to visit Yorkpark this Sunday. I am not allowed to go, because pinkie mum says I wouldn't leave them alone and Melba might get upset, seeing as she is a first time mum.

So the pinkies will come home smelling of Airedale puppies and I will need to give them a very good sniffing all over to check it all out.

But I think I can manage to lounge around on the pinkies bed while they are gone.

bye now - Miss Ellie, the Superdale.

Thursday 17 January 2008

My Award from Bruno

I would like to thank Bruno for this lovely award.
Thanks so much.
I would like to pass this on to:
Molly and Gertie
Noah and the girls
Maggie and Mitch
The Thuglets
Miss Ellie

WOO HOO Puppy photos

Oh finally, we have photos of the new puppies. The pinkies are sooooo excited.
They are now 4 weeks old, and according to Di the breeder
Melba is a great first time mum and the puppies are growing well.

Here is mum, Melba (Yorkpark Dame Nellie Melba). She is a real sweetie and looks alot like Harley (well she is Harley's grand-daughter, so I guess she should!)

The pinkies should be able to go and visit the puppies in 2 weeks. Di is going totake more photos this weekend. Don't worry the pinkie will post them on my blog lol.

Love Miss Ellie (I can't wait for a new playmate!)

Our new Award

Oh I feel so lucky.

My friends Maggie and Mitch have given me this very nice award.

Thank you Maggie and Mitch, you are both very special indeed.

Love Miss Ellie xxx

Thursday 10 January 2008

Business Class Dale

Hey hey, I am sooo cheeky.
When daddy was getting ready for work this morning, he lay his nice tie on the bed, while he went to get his shirt.
Quick as a flash, I stole it and ran off out into the back garden with it.
Mummy saw me and was trying hard not to laugh. She quickly put it over my head and let me run off with it. (and she managed to take photos too, clever mummy)
Daddy wasn't happy AT ALL when he saw us.
In fact daddy was quite cross, ha ha.
I think because I put a hole in his nice silk tie with my big Dale teeth.
So now the pinkies have let me keep the tie to play with. I had a great time tossing it around in the air, whilst romping around all over the garden and house.
Secretly though, I really wanted daddy to chase me for it. I LOVE playing chasey.
But he just went off and chose another tie to wear to work today. See he loves me.

Miss Ellie the (naughty) Superdale.

It's so HOT

Oh my goodness, we are having the worst heatwave in many summers.
I thought last year was a hot summer, but this year is already a stinker.
And being a big woolly Airedale, it is all just too too much for me.
The pinkies have given me 3 hairecuts this summer already,
that is just far too much grooming for this Airegirl.

Luckily mummy pinkie is having the day home from work today, as it is expected to reach 41c.
Oh my god, there is no way I am staying outside in that heat.
I totally intend spending the day lying on the nice cool tile floor directly under a cooling vent. And don't anybody try moving me.

Pinkie gave me a nice new pillow for my bed. She got a new one and I got her other new one (she didn't like it) - check it out, I look rather comfy don't I?

Saturday 5 January 2008

Goodbye to Bramble

Today we lit a candle for Bramble.
Sleep well old boy, we know Ludo is really going to miss you.
Our heartfelt sympathy goes to Caz and her family - we know what you going through.
There is a new star shining tonight, up with Harley Bear, show him the way sweet girl.

Friday 4 January 2008

Happy New Year

Hey, take a look at the little Wire Fox Terrier baggie thing that mum got as a gift for Christmas. I have been trying sooo hard to get it as I would love to have a nice old play with it, but mum has been keeping it up on top of her dresser, and even on the tips of my paws I just can't quite reach it!

And here is a photo of the picture dad made for mum. It is us!
Dad played around on the computer in secret and came up with this. He then put it in a frame and it was all wrapped up nice and under the Christmas tree ready to give to mum.
But then the night that Harley died daddy gave it to mum and they both had a really big cry.
We all miss Harley.

And this is the lovely little plant that Steve the vet dropped off to the pinkies with a lovely sympathy card. Mum cried again when she got this too.

The pinkies have put it in this nice new pot and it is now out on the deck, where Harley used to lie in the sun.

And lastly here is the nice box that Harley's ashes are in.

Mum has it on top of her dresser with Harley's collar.

The pinkies have chosen a star and have named it Harley Isastar, after our dear old Bear.

I had a nice Christmas, I got a lovely new squeaky toy all of my own!

I also got to help the pinkies open all of their presents. But them mum went and spoilt it all by putting silly ribbon things around my neck and on my head. Geez, she knows I hate dresing up in silly stuff like that! She even took photos of me looking all silly. I will ask her to post them in my blog, so you can see for yourself exactly what I am talking about!

Woof - Ellie