Sunday 27 July 2008

Bazzy's Hairecut

Bazzy got his first real hairecut yesterday.....oh it took so long.

Here I am yesterday morning lying in the sun, chomping on a bone, before my hairecut. I was a bit woolly, wasn't I?

Mum made me stand up on the table in the garage for ages. I kept trying to lie down, but then she would make me stand up all over again.

But I must admit, it feels nice to be all clipped and handsome.

Mum now calls me her "gorgeous boy".....awwww.

Now I don't get so hot when I am inside the house.

I think the pinkies have the heating on 30c or something, gosh it gets warm in there.

Ellie and I sometimes go outside just to cool down!

Miss Ellie has a nice short coat at the moment too, she got clipped a few weeks ago.

Mum says I look all growed up now too.
Here I be looking in the study door, saying 'mum let me in'.
I be starting to look like my daddy Elton.
Mum says he is very handsome, so I don't mind that I look like him.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Saturday 26 July 2008

A Sunny Saturday Morning

The pinkies put us outside really early this morning (then they snuck back to bed!) So Bazzy and I lay out on the deck in the nice morning sun.
Not too bad for winter ey?
We got a nice bone to chew on, so that was ok.................................... But have a look at what Bazzy has gone and done to his bed........Silly boy!
I thought I had better get a closer look at the damage. Oh dear, he has really wrecked his bed now!
He made a HUGE hole in his Snooza bed and he ripped up his mattress too.
I hope he doesn't think he can sleep in my bed now...I have got news for him!

It is bad enough that he goes into my Dale House!

Bye now
Miss Ellie.

Friday 25 July 2008


Uh oh...we forgot to say....we passing this award on to......

Penny and Poppy and Patches

Silly Bazzy forgot to add that to his post. Boys huh?

Lucky I am here....Love Miss Ellie xx


Hey everyone

We would like to thank Noah, Willow, Tessy and Lucyloo for this super cool award......thanks Leura Dales, you Dales ROCK !!!!

There are a few rules and things that go with this award - so here they are........

:1) You have to pick FIVE blogs that you consider deserve this award for creativity, design, interesting material and also contribute to the blogger community regardless of language.

2) Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited.

3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given him/her the award itself.

4) Award winners and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of the "Arte-y-Pico" blog so everyone will know the origin of the award.

5) In compliance with said RULES, the award winner must show the RULES.
Now back to bloggy Bazzy has been back to see Dr Steve....he be cool for a big man vet. He plays with Bazzy and gives Bazzy dried liver stick things....yummy.
Dr Steve says Bazzy has definately got Panosteitis. Dr Steve took xrays of Bazzy's bones.....he says Bazzy has good bones too!
So Bazzy is on a weight management plan.....not a DIET.
Bazzy not be fatboy...Dr Steve says so....see pinkies, I told you I wasn't a fatboy!
Weight management plan is to make sure me grows at a controlled rate and not too fast.
Dr Steve says Bazzy's body very good at converting food to has good genes....Bazzy thought jeans be what pinkies wear and me steals off bathroom floor?
So I not be limping today, Dr Steve says pano thingy may come back, because I haven't finished growing yet (mum says OMG he still gonna grow some more?)
Last weigh in me be 25.3kg. Bazzy lost some weight under stupid diet and was 24.9kg on Wednesday, but my best friend Dr Steve says me not have to lose any weight, just not grow too fast. NO MORE DIET.
But still no treats, and still no playing (ha ha we be already playing, but daddy says "Bazzy no rough stuff" but we not listen to daddy ha ha.)
Still no walkies yet, Dr Steve says maybe next week can do short walkies. YAY....Bazzy can't wait to get out.......wanna go back to dog club and see all my friends.
Old Ellie be good, she always the same, daddy's girl. Me get jealous sometimes when daddy gives Ellie cuddles, so me push her outta they way, so Bazzy gets cuddles, daddy tells me "no Bazzy, be nice to Ellie"
Ha ha daddy, you be silly.
See ya......Bazzy.

Sunday 20 July 2008

Boofa Boy Bazzy and the Dyson

Hey everyone
It's me Bazzy.
Mum got the big noisy thing called the Dyson out again today and she took photos of me with it.
I LOVE the Dyson. I love to chase it while it goes backwards and forwards all over the floor. I run around it and try to bite it with my big Bazzy teeth.
Sometimes I go into the laundry where it lives and I just stare at it waiting to see if it is going to come out and play with me today. It doesn't come out to play all that often, usually just at weekends when the pinkies are home from work. They both love the Dyson too.
But not Ellie, she shows no interest in the Dyson at all. She just wants to sleep!

I went back to see Dr Steve yesterday. He says I am still growing too fast. When they made me sit on the big giant scales at the vet, I came in at a whopping 25.3kg.
I have gained 1.3kg in 7 days. Uh-oh, looks like the diet isn't working!

Dr Steve has stopped the Metacam, and mum has to watch to see if my limping gets worse now that I am not being medicated. (good I hate having the stupid syringe thingy stuck down my gob).

If the limp does get worse then Dr Steve is going to do Xrays straight away. Worst still is that he has told mum to give me even LESS food this week! OH NO!!!!!

I go back next Saturday for yet another weigh in. Geez, this is like being on The Biggest Loser!

So poor Bazzy is on scarce rations now! Well not really - I am still getting two bowls of food each day, but NO treats, or snacks or anything nice!

And I am still not allowed to go out on walkies.

I sat by the front door and CRIED my heart out yesterday when daddy took Ellie out. I lay by the front door looking out the window and cried and cried until they came back. I think poor mum felt really bad, cause she kept giving me cuddles.

But I know daddy has been sneaking out with Ellie every night when they think I am asleep. But I KNOW they are out walking - without me!

I miss going out, I miss going to see all my friends at Doggie Obedience school.

I just wanna PLAY!!!

Daddy came home with a big bag full of promotional goodies from one of his work suppliers. Ellie and I rummaged around in the bag to see if there was anything worth stealing - and we came out with these! 2 nice squishy stubbie holder things - perfect for us to have a nice chomp on.

Well it kept us amused for at least 10 minutes!

See ya......Love the Bazzynator!

Monday 14 July 2008

Bazzy's leg

Well I am still limping - the pinkies are even calling me Mr Limpy.
I went back to the vet (for the 3rd time) and saw Dr Steve (he is mum's favourite).
After much poking and pulling and pressing and making me cry, Dr Steve told mum I have something called Panosteitis (otherwise known as growing pains).

This is more common in bigger doggies, but is normally found in males, and usually at the age of 6 months.
Dr Steve says I am growing too fast and that is making my bones ache, which is why I am limping - my leggie be sore!
So I am taking more of the yukky medicine Metacam stuff, this is to help the pain (are you kidding me? I still be in pain)
Bazzy also gets locked up like I am in jail, and I haven't even been naughty!

Mum has now given me the rumpus room all to myself. She puts a barrier up to keep me in there, so that I can't run and play and chase Miss Ellie.
And worst of all - NO MORE WRESTLING.
Me and Ellie loves wrestling.

Old Miss Ellie keeps coming over to see me - she barks at me, then stamps her paws and does play bows trying to make me play, then I get in trouble and told to sit quietly. Bad Ellie.

Mum has also been told to keep me lean - and you know what that means don't you?
Bazzy is on a diet!
Oh My gawd!
Bazzy LOVES food, he wants food all the time.

Now mum just gives me my 2 meals a day and NO snacks or treats.

So no more piggies ears, no more cheese, no more kabana - no treats at all.


I think I need to run away and find a new place to live!

Somewhere where they will let me sleep on the couch and the big bed and give me lots of treats.

Does anyone know anywhere I can go?

Bazzy (Mr Limpy)

Sunday 6 July 2008

Ellie's Hairecut and Bazzy's sore leggie

Hey everyone. It has been a while between bloggies, but only because the silly pinkie woman has been busy working far too hard.
Lots of news to catch up on too.

Silly Bazzy has gone and hurt himself - I swear I was not involved in any way - honest. I mean I would like to take credit for it but he managed it all on his own.

Mum took Bazzy to an ADT Club grooming day a few weekends ago and silly Bazzy jumped down off the grroming table and hurt his front leg. He was limping for a few days and the pinkies were keeping an eye on him, but it was getting worse, so mum took him off to the Vet.
The vet thinks Bazzy has pulled his shoulder muscle. So he gave him an injection of Rimadyl and some Rimadyl tablets to take home and mum was told to keep him quiet for a week and off his leg.
Ha ha what silly advise to give for a 6 month old Dale pup!
But anyway mum came home and put Bazzy straight into his pen, all set up in the lounge.
Well he cried, then barked (I didn't know he had it in him to bark so loud!) then when that didn't work he tried crying again. Eventually he just lay down and went to sleep - I think by then he was sulking BIG TIME.
He has been allowed out most of the day, because we go outside while the pinies go to work, but when they get home and we go inside Bazzy goes in his pen. Mum said something about the slippery floors not being good for Bazzy to run on. After a couple of nights mum caved in to his sulking and allowed him to lie up on the couch with her, so long as he stayed still and on the blanket.

Well he tries to stay on the blanket, but somehow manages to end up almost on mum's lap. Big baby.
He looks pretty comfy doesn't he?

So I have been getting lots of peace and quiet, but I do miss our wrestling sessions, and I do try to rev him up a bit, but both the pinkies tell me off for that!
On Saturday mum finally got around to giving me a Hairecut. It was long overdue, I was looking like a big woolly goat.
So now I am much happier being inside - it was far too hot for me before, I think the pinkies have the heating set on 30c - geez it gets warm!

As you can see the Brat still gets out and tries to play bitey face with me every now and then. And even though he is almost as big as me now (he is 23.3kg, and I am 26kg) I can still take him down!

Look how cheeky he is!

The pinkies went out for a very special lunch today to meet some very special Dogs.

Charlie and Opy - yes the pinkies drove out to Brooke and Greg's for lunch and didn't take us with them.

They did bring back pressies for us though - some nice piggies ears to munch on - Thanks Brooke and Greg we love piggies ears!

And you know what - they took the camera with them but never took any photo's - even Greg never took any photos. I think they were all too busy emptying the scotch bottle LOL.

We also want to send big wet beardie kisses and dale hugs to Denise and Bryan and the Leura Dales - D's daddy is really ill so we are sending all our good airezen up to Sydney. We are thinking of you.

Stay safe everyone.

Miss Ellie xxx