Sunday 22 March 2009

Bazzy and the Giant Shredder

Hey hey everyone it is the Bazzy man here. Don't you go listening to old Miss Ellie's complaints about me.
I am tryin' real hard to be a good Aireboy, but she never wants to play and I wanna play ALL the time!
Mum says I am getting better out on walkies, even though I almost knocked her off her feet last week. I didn't mean to, it just kinda happened!

We were pretty busy this weekend.
Daddy's dad Bill is in hospital.
They took out a big tumour and one of his kidney's. The tumour was a cancer, but the doctor says they got it all and he has a 95% chance of it not coming back - so we are all mighty happy about that. He might even be allowed to go home tomorrow.
We all went for a big car ride over to the granpoeple's place. When we got to their house, the stupid poodles Harry and Eddie were out in the garden yapping at the gate.

Miss Ellie and I were ready to GO! But cranky nanna scooped up the precious poodles and took them inside before we were allowed to get out of the car.

Miss Ellie and I zoomed all over the garden, running and sniffing all over the place.

The precious poodles were allowed out later but only into their penned off section of the back garden.

They aren't allowed to play with us - because cranky nanna is scared we will hurt them lol. As if we would!

Daddy picked up this huge big machine thing and put it in the trailer on the back of the car. it followed us all the way home.

When we got home dad put it into the garden shed, but not before i gave it a good sniffing all over.

Then today it came out. Daddy set it up under the gum trees down the back of our garden and started it up. I was a bit unsure at the beginning, but I watched mum and she wasn't scared so I was ok then.

Dad had cut down one of our trees and mum was shoving bits of tree into the giant machine shredder thing. it was noisy and all this green stuff started comin' out the bottom. So I thought I had better check that right out.

Here are the photos of me helping dad with the shredder!

Dad says I am a good helper - yay

See ya everyone - Mr BazzyNator

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Bad boy Bazzy - the Dale from Hell

Mum and I think Bazzy is heading the right way for "you're going back to the breeder".
He is sooooo naughty lately.
Daddy says Bazzy has A.D.D. as he constantly craves attention and is doing whatever he can to get it.
You should see how jealous he gets if mum or dad give me a cuddle - he is straight over trying to push me outta the way!
He won't let me play with any toys either.

So mum is plotting to "fix his little red wagon!"
Bazzy is back in training. Back on the correction chain when out on walkies, back to being put into "sit and STAY!" when mum says so.
On walkies lately Bazzy has been going balisitic whenever we see another dog. He almost pulls mum over! He sure is a big strong boy.
So now he is back on the chain on a short lead, mum makes him sit and stay, or drop and stay whenever someone with or without a dog walks towards us.
He also has to walk at "heel' whenever we walk past a house that has a dog.

It didn't help that mum and dad went away on a little holiday and Bazzy was running riot!
Poor Elizabeth just cannot control Bad Boy Bazzy at all!

To Bazzy the world is one giant game and he just wants to PLAY!

Ha ha not anymore Mr B.....

Maybe now I will get some peace?

Miss Ellie.

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Farewell to Klaus

We are saddened by the news of Klaus's passing.
We are sending our love to Lulu, Bogart and the kitties.
Sleep well Klaus and know that Bogie will look after his mamma.
There is a new star in the night sky.
Jo, Tim, Miss Ellie and Bazzy