Tuesday 30 October 2007

Snowball Fight

Well it seems we are copping Snowballs being thrown at us from all over the place.
We are a little confused by all this talk of snow, as we live near the ocean and have never actually seen snow before.
Is it hard, and does it hurt when it hits you???

But we are more than happy to throw some cause it sounds like fun!

So we are throwing Snowballs at.....................Mojo.

We are more beach girls - here we are at the beach last winter with some of our Airedale friends from the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria. Now that was fun.

Notice the pinkies are all rugged up for the winter.....ha ha not us Dales. Some of our friends even went for a swim in the ocean that day. Not us though, we don't like to get wet.

Ellie and Harley

Sunday 14 October 2007

Harley's Story......joining the family.

Here we are in the garden on my first day. I am the good looking one standing on the deck (ha ha Ellie - got ya back)
I was very nervous at first, but Ellie was being really nice to me. I did get upset when my other people left, and I kept waiting at the gate for them to come back but they never did.
The new pinkies were ok, they were being very good, and giving me lots of attention.
I wasn't too sure about coming inside the house at first. The new pinkies were very considerate and left every single door open, so I could get back outside if I wanted to.
I was a little bit scared in this strange new place.
They got me a brand new bed, but I decided I would rather sleep on Ellie's bed. She was ok with that becasue she was sleeping on the pinkies big bed.
Oh my god! I never knew Dales were allowed on the BIG BED??????
See here is proof that knucklehead Ellie gets up on the pinkies bed. I was never allowed on the furniture in my last home, so I still don't get up on the beig bed, even when the pinkies call me in the morning and invite me up with them......oh no! I might get in trouble! We are not allowed on any other furniture either - just Ellie on the big bed.
I spent the first 8 years of my life living with my breeders at Yorkpark. I was a show girl and did quite well too. My offical name is Yorkpark Harley Isastar. I was born on January 25th 1998.
I was also a breeding bitch, and had 3 litters of Dale babies.
This is my daughter Yorkpark Meg-a-Star from my last litter. She was waiting to go into the Show Ring at Royal Melbourne Show when my pinkie took this photo last year.

I have settled into my new home now and am very happy. My new pinkies give me loads of cuddles, I get far more attention now, as Ellie doesn't like to cuddle - so I get them all (yay).

We get to go walkies everyday, and even have special Dales Day Out on Sunday's, then we ride in the car and go somewhere nice. I love being in the car. I do a funny littel dance that mum calls my "Harley Happy Dance" as soon as I think we might be going out.....I get so excited, I just love being out with the pinkies.
So life is good now. My old people wanted me to have a nice retirement, that is why they brought me here. Ellie is my little sister, we have the same parents - Ch Yorkpark Pinto Iceastar is our mum and Yorkpark Compuchip Elvis is our dad. I still get to see my old people sometimes, we visited them last christmas and had a lovely time. And the pinkies often go to the Airedale terrier Club days out, so then i get to see lots of my relatives, that's nice too!
So, now you know all about me - Harley Bear.
or TWO!

Friday 12 October 2007

Ellie, The Puppy Years......

This is my mum, Aust Ch Yorkpark Pinto Iceastar.
Ice is Harley's mum too, but Harley is from an earlier litter, I am the younger sister (ha ha Harley)

Here we all are - 4 tiny little Dale sisters aged 6 weeks old. That is me, the little one all on my own.

This is me with my new daddy. The pinkies came to visit when we were 6 weeks old, they couldn't resist me. I untied all their shoelaces, and caused mischief, like a good Dale puppy should. No wonder they picked me!

In my new home at last. I had a great big back garden all to myself, and giant toys to play with too! This is my first day with my pinkies....hooray!

Look what they did to my ears! Stuck to my head with glue! What's that about......?
How are they going to flap when I run?
Don't worry, the glue didn't last long.

Somehow I ended up in the wheelbarrow - all I was doing was was helping daddy with some Dale gardening. The pinkies thought they could outsmart me, by putting all the chicken wire around the newly planted trees, but I worked out how to get that off real quick!

Now I am all grown up and alomst 8 years old......time flies doesn't it?

Sunday 7 October 2007

Award from Cora

Woo hooooooo, look what we got from Cora, one of The Thuglets.

We would like to pass this on to............Sadie-n-Boatie.

Our thanks to Cora woo hooo.

Ellie and Harley xxxxxx

Monday 1 October 2007

Our play in the park with Jane's boys

We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at the Off Lead park with our friend Jane and her three Dale boys Mr Perriwinkle, Sam and Charlie.
The boys were frolicking in the water and mud quite happily, but not us girls - we don't like to get our feet dirty.
Enjoy the pics...... love Ellie the Dale and Harley Bear xxx