Sunday 23 August 2009

Calling all Aussie Dales

Calling all Aussie Airedales.

Hmmm maybe that should be calling all Victorian Airedales?

Or really it should be calling all Melbourne Airedales -yes that is better.

The Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria is having a picnic day next Sunday August 30th
at Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster.
Starting at 12 noon.
There are bbq facilities (byo everything) and there will be club merchandise for sale and a raffle and after lunch a big walkies around the lake with all the Dales.

So if you are not doing anything - COME ALONG.

It would be great to see more Dales!

We will be there - with our mum.

Hope to see some of you???

Ellie and Baz.

Sunday 16 August 2009

Strange smells

Hi everyone,
Well mum has been home with us for a while now cause she has had a bad cough, a thing called bronchitis actually.
But today she disappeared ALL day and when she finally came home, she smelled of another doggie!
Now this is not so unusual, mum often smells of other doggies, but this smell was different.
It was the smell of a new puppy!
Now she certainly didn't bring any puppy home with her, so where did she get the smell from then???

Turns out that mum went for a drive with Brooke, out to a place called Romsey, right across the other side of town and out into the country side (she didn't take us with her for a ride????)
When they got there mum met a puppy named Benson J Puppypaws.
It seems Mr Puppypaws is gonna live with Greg and Brooke.
So mum got to cuddle him all the way home.
She says he is a sweet little puppy (even if he isn't an Airedale!) and that she hopes Opy is nice to him.
Opy was very good when they were first introduced, so hopefully the old Gruffpuppy will take a liking to the little bundle of puppyness and allow him to jump all over her.

Hmm Miss Ellie remembers when I did this to her - she did a fair amount of growling at me - actually she still does! But we be best buddies now.
Miss Ellie taught me how to be a good Aireboy!
Anyway, so when mum finally came home, my big black Aireboy nose went into overdrive.
Sniff sniff sniff ALL over my mum.
Hey, who is that puppy smell mum? Let me get another whiff!

Mum says Miss Ellie and i will get to play with Benson J Puppypaws - I can't wait.
Finally someone young to romp with and wrestle with - wooo hooooo!

There has also been some other strange goings on at our place lately too!
Mum and dad keep talking of this place called Perth. A lot!
now mum has told us that daddy is leaving us to go and live there. Oh nooooooooooooooo!

BUT we are going too, not all at the same time, but once daddy finds us a house in Perth, mum Ellie and I are going over to live there too.
It means that Miss Ellie and I have to fly in a great big aeroplane.
not sure that I like the sound of that.
Mum says I will have to be a big brave Aireboy.

So the pinkies are gonna be really busy now getting sorted and packed to move across to the opposite side of the country.

We hope we like it there? Mum and dad have been there already, but Ellie and I will know no other doggies.
Although mum tells us there are definatley Airedales in Perth, so we will have to track them down for play dates!

So much to do in so little time arghhhh.
I have to pack all my toys and blankies, and food and toys and sticks and toys and bones and toys....oh I don't know where to start.
Ellie better come and help me!

Daddy leaves in October, but we won't go until after Christmas.
hey mum, when is Christmas?

See ya :)


Tuesday 11 August 2009

The Name Game

hey everyone
We decided we are gonna play the Name Game too.
Miss Ellie fot her name because mum wanted a little girly Dale and had a list of girly names, but narrowed it down to Lilly or Ellie.
On her AKC papers her name is AliOnARole. The breeder thought mum was calling her Ali not Ellie.

Now my name is another story.

As most of you know I came along right after Harley crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Harley was my great grandma, and I was born 4 days after she died.
Her full name was Harley IsaStar.
Mum wanted a name that had a connection to Harley somehow.
But mum and dad never called Harley by her name - she was always called Bear.
This is because she was always so affectionate with mum and loved to cuddle.

So while mum and dad were waiting for me to grow into a big strong Aireboy so they could bring me home, they started looking for a name.

Mum comes from an Irish background and decided she would like a Gaelic name, so she started researching boys names.
She chose the name Bearach (because it had bear in it lol).
So my name is full name Bearach StaShine.
Mum also wanted to keep the 'star' connection as it goes back to Ellie and Harley's mum whose name was IceAStar.
And my dad Elton is also Elton IsAStar too.

But the translation of the Gaelic "Bearach" into English is "Barry".
Now in Australia any man named Barry gets nicknamed Baz.
So that is why my name is "BAZ".

Cool huh?

Love ya
Bazzy & Ellie.

Thursday 6 August 2009

Uh oh, Ellie what have you done?

Uh-oh, look what mum and dad found in their bedroom!
It looked like it had been snowing in there, but it was naughty old sissie.
She has a habit of playing 'shake and kill' with her bed. Mum says this is the 4th time in about 6 weeks old cranky pants Ellie has ripped her bed up.

Ellie came down to the lounge all puffing and panting, and dad wondered what is that stuff all over her back?
So he went up to the bedroom, Ellie had been asleep on the big bed for a while. And this is what he found.
Of course Ellie and I followed him and then romped around in the mess playing a good game of bitey face.
See it looks just liked snow - well except it was all different colours.
Mum wasn't very pleased because she says it is a bitch to clean up the mess.
Look at me sitting amongst Ellie's mayhem, like the good little Aireboy that I am, ha ha

The other exciting event to take place at our house is.........silly old Miss Ellie has FINALLY discovered the joys of sleeping on the couch.
Well it's about time silly old girl!
I have enjoyed the big blue couch since I was a wee puppy. There is nothing better than lounging around on the couch with my head resting on either mum or dad's lap.
And of course they just love it, and say, "oh you are such a good boy Bazzy"
Man do I lap it up - I rather like a bit of attention!

So this has become our new nightly habit - dinner, then a little nap on the big blue couch, then we start getting a bit restless because we know it is then time for our walkies.

Of course now the pinkies give old cranky pants Ellie lots of attention too. She doesn't lap it up like I do, but she is learning that it is nice to be up with the whole pack.
I even caught her resting her head on a cushion - just like I do!
Talk about making yourself comfy!
Life is good for us Airedales!
Bazzy XX

p.s: mum has been checking in on Brooke, just to make sure they are doing ok.
We are very sad for Charlie, but he is playing with Harley girl now.
Mum gave him a big kiss goodbye from all of us.
Shine on Charlie - The Big Dog.

Saturday 1 August 2009


Hey everyone,
Guess what ????
We got a very very special delivery from the Postman,
addressed especially to US!
Not to the pinkies like most mail, but to US - me and Ellie!
How positively PAWESOME is that I ask?
See, here is the box.

Mum put the special Aire delivery on the floor so that I could check it right out and see that it was addressed to us Airedale's of the house.

Big sissie Ellie and I had a good look and a very good sniff.
Something about this special box smelt verrrrrrrrrry nice indeed!

Then mum took it off us and opened it....and look what was in there!
Bikkies, and not just any bikkies either, AIREDALE bikkies.
Whoa how brilliant do they look?
They were packaged up in nice little baggies, with Airedale lables telling us all about how good these special bikkies are. No need to tell us how good they are, we can see they are Brilliant!
And guess who made them??????
Our good Dale friends Inky and Molly's pinkie!
Woooooo hooooooo, she ROCKS.
Check out the lable, it says "Inky and Molly's Survival Pack".
Now isn't that just what every Airedale needs?
I mean what else could compare to our very own Survival Pack?
And take a look at these beautiful bikkies - they are shaped like Dales too. Almost too good to eat! (well I did say almost ha ha)
There are even special pusskie shaped bikkies, and for those of us Dales that just loooooovvvvveeee to chase pusskies, these are a real treat!
So here are the contents of one bag of bikkies....see how many there are? That will be a very special snack indeed.

So eventually after our silly pinkie finished taking photos of these wonderful bikkies, we actually got to try them and whoa are they yummy.
Fully organic and made with the most delicious ingredients Inky and Molly's pinkie could find.
Old Miss Ellie didn't even leave any crumbs for me!

Now look at that smile of true happiness on my gorgeous face (well I get told I am gorgeous so often that it just has to be true!)

So we just want to say a very special thank you to Elfie, Inky and Molly's pinkie for her wonderful efforts.
The Airedale bikkies were home baked and sold to raise funds for Airedale Rescue in Australia, with all proceeds going to the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria.
Well done Inky, Molly and pinkies and to everyone that helped out.
We believe that hundreds of dollars $$$$$ have been raised already.
Great job!
So I can go to sleep tonight dreaming of more of these delicious treats that hopefully mum will let Ellie and I have more of tomorrow!
Cheers everyone
Love Baz.