Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Baz's Big Adventure to the Blue Mountains

Hey everyone, we're back and we had a blast visiting the Leura Dales!

Mum took lots of photos, so here is the pictorial story of

'Bazzy's BIG Adventure!'

We started off nice and early for a bit of a drive.....984kms from our house to Broomelea in Leura.
Geez that sounds like a lot of kms, so here I am asking daddy if he is sure he knows the way.

We roared down the highway in mum's Subaru turbo.........through the wonderful Australian bush.

There were some big yellow signs saying look out for Koala's but I looked and looked and never saw any!

We had to stop quite a few times, it was my first ever roadtrip so mum wasn't sure how long I could go without peeing. We stopped at a town called Gundagai (pronounced Gun-da-guy).

It has a very famous statue of a dog sitting on a tuckerbox (what they used before they had fridges). We stopped to have a look at it too.

Here's a nice photo mum and Ellie.

Ellie hurt her back leggie in Gundagai while she was jumping over a big log. So she was a bit limpy on our holiday, but she is ok now.

Then finally after 11 hours and 30 minutes we saw the big sign that says Welcome to Leura! .........................Yay!

.................................We're in Leura!

Here are mum and I at the Leura Dales place, outside the old Coach House that has been converted into a guest cottage. It's very pretty. We all got to sleep in there. I even slept on the big bed with the pinkies...ssshhhh don't tell Denise!

Look at me prancing around the huge gardens. The Leura dales and I got along famously (after a little getting to know you sniff and a couple of growls, but nothing serious)
Bryan was playing with us out in the garden. We all had a great time playing chasey round and round the garden.
Old Miss Ellie was checking out the big garden too. She didn't play chasey, and of course she has met all the Leura dales before, so they were ok with her from the start - no one growled at old Miss Ellie.

Look at Noah and I playing hidey in the garden bed. Noah dug out the biggest hole to lie in....geez if I had dug a hole like that at home mum would have said BAD BAZZY!

And this is what Noah looked like after all his digging.....geez Noah did you use your nose as a shovel??? Look at all that mud!

All the pinkies laughed at him.

Look who we got to meet...Colin Harries.
He came over for a visit with his mum, and we all played chasey - except Colin is way too fast for us!

The next morning we all went to a big lake in Wentworth Falls. Here I am looking like a pretty boy. Mum calls me her handsome boy.

We all went for a big walkies around the lake together - here I am with my sissy Ellie. Notice I am in front ha ha.

Those crazy Leura dales all went into the water. I watched them very closely and then decided hmmm maybe I can get my feet wet too, so I gave it a go. I splashed around and walked funny and daddy laughed at me.

And then I saw them....ducks.

Lots of them.

Ducks, on the water, but just out of my reach.

Too bad I was on my flexi lead, otherwise I reckon I could have got that ducky!
We walked around the lake some more and then the Leura dales all went in the water again.

So daddy coaxed me in too. He even got in with me.
I decided I liked it - I was closer to those ducks, and daddy took the lead off me, so I was FREE!

Look at me mum - I had to turn around and check that mum was watching me- see I am in the water with the Leura Dales!

I went out deeper and deeper until suddenly I couldn't reach the bottom with my paws - so I madly started paddling.

And Bazzy learnt to swim. Woooo hoooo.

Mum was SO excited. She was saying "go Bazzy go!" "Good boy Bazzy".

Wooo hooo Bazzy was having a great time!

Then we went back to the Leura Dales place and had a rest in the back garden after another big play session of chasey.

Denise came out with some treats and said "what do good dales get?" So of course I joined in too.
I always know to sit for treats. Leura Dales know this too.

It was a big 2 days of running and playing and by the second night I was conked out on the couch with my daddy. Gee I was a tired boy!

Then before we knew it we were back in the car for the long drive home.
The magic Tom Tom said we were halfway home, but still 489kms to go........sigh
So I did what any smart Dale would do and slept almost the whole way home. Mum had to wake me up each time we stopped.
Eventually we saw it.....the big "Welcome to Melbourne" sign.
Y'know it really should say 'Welcome BACK to Melbourne' ha ha.
It meant we were almost home......just another 1 1/2 hours to go.

Just when we had had enough of the car and I was starting to whine (well it was a LONG trip) there was the sign we had all been waiting for....the turn off for home.
Yay, yippee, we're home. Look at me so eager to get out of the car and check out my back garden.

It was a wonderful adventure, my first ever holiday with the pinkies and Ellie.

We drove almost 2000kms and I was a good boy the whole time (just ask mum- she said I was on my BEST behaviour wooo hoooo)

I can't wait till our next road trip.

Love ya all - Bazzy xxx

Friday, 19 December 2008

Our holiday roadtrip

Wooo hooo......only one more sleep to go until our big adventure holiday roadtrip to Leura.

We can't wait.

Bazzy and Miss Ellie

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Bazzy and the Tube

Mum got this fantastic tube thingy in the mail this week. It had a lovely drawing inside from Linda at Planet Airedale. She had drawn a big montage of lots of the Airedale members. Harley and Ellie are in it.

Mum is going to get it framed and hang it on the wall.

Best of all though, I managed to steal the empty post tube and ran off to have a good chew on it.

Watch me in action!


Friday, 12 December 2008

Remembering Sweet Harley

It is one year today that our sweet Harley crossed the rainbow bridge.

Her star is shining up in that great big sky.

We miss you sweetheart.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Santa Paws came to town

Hey look who we went to visit!

Mum and dad took us for a drive down to the RSPCA to meet SANTA.........wooooohoooooooooo

We had a great time. Bazzy sniffed him all over (stuck his big furry nose straight down his crotch actually lol)

I climbed up onto the chair and had a good sniff of his big furry white beard. Last time I saw Santa I tried to play bitey face with him, but I got told off by my mum! Oooooops.

Bazzy is on the left (mum says doesn't he look just like Harley?) and of course I am on the right. Santa had to hang onto my collar because I kept getting up to go to my daddy!
I haven't been very well lately, I had a seizure a few weeks ago and mum and dad had to rush me to the emergency animal hospital in the middle of the night. It scared the crap outta all of us. I couldn't stand up and my eyes were rolling around in my head, even after the seizure stopped.
The nice lady Vet gave me valium to try and calm me down (I think they should have given some to mum too).
They kept me in the hospital overnight and stuck some great big needles in my leggies.
They found a great big lump (2cm wide) inside down near my bottom. They stuck a big needle into it to take a biopsy sample to send away for testing. They also took lots of my blood to send away for testing too.
They told mum and dad that it was a 50/50 chance the lump might be cancer.
Yay... all the test results are back and I am ok. It took 2 weeks for all the results to come back, and both mum and dad have been worried sick about me.....but it is all good now.
They still do not know what caused the seizure, but I haven't had anymore. But they did find that the calcium levels in my blood are too high.
So I go off to see Dr Steve our vet this Saturday for more blood tests and another Cartrophen injection.
I was a little bit distressed after the whole thing and spent a couple of days sleeping and not doing much else.
Then after about a week, I started to feel much better and now I am back to normal, wrestling with Bazzy and playing.
AND....yesterday was my 9th Barkday!
I got a nice new bed, and a special dinner and mum made Bazzy behave and leave me alone all night.
AND....because I am feeling better now, and so long as Dr Steve says ok, we are still all driving up to Leura next week to visit the Leura Dales before Christmas. Woooohoooooooooo.

Miss Ellie