Monday, 4 April 2011

Hi everyone, it's Bazzy here. It's a little bit lonely now that I am on my own. I have no one to play bitey face with anymore. Mum and Dad have decided not to get another dog. They want to start doing some travelling, and will take me with them. So it's just me for now. I'm still a little bit lost without my big sissy though. Mum thinks I have depression. I had a bit of fun yesterday though. Dad took me to the Dog Park and we met up with Sophie, she's an 11 year old Airedale that lives in the hills. So Sophie and I played bitey face and completed the whole walk around the park together. Sophie's mum was upset that Ellie has crossed the bridge, she liked old Ellie. It was so great to see Sophie and get to play Airedale style! No one plays bitey face like us Dales do! Baz.

Friday, 25 March 2011

A sad sad day

On Wednesday March 23rd, we said goodbye to our sweet old Ellie.

She crossed the Rainbow Bridge, cradled in daddy's arms and with me stroking her face and telling her how much we love her, while the vet did what needed to be done.

Our hearts are broken.

Ellie was our first Airedale, she was Tim's first dog ever.

She taught us so so much, and we loved her fiesty, independant attitude - she had lots of it too!

But age was not being kind to our sweet baby girl. She was deteriorating quickly and in the early hours of Wednesday morning Tim was woken by the sounds of Ellie having a seizure. I tried doing everything the vet had said to do. This was the 3rd seizure over a 3 year period.

But Ellie was really distressed and as she also has a heart murmer we rushed her to the 24hr Emergency vet.

After long discussions with the 2 vets, it was decided that Ellie had had enough and could now longer fight back from this.

It tore our hearts out to see her lying in the vet office with no fight - I mean this is my strong FIESTY airegirl.

But we both knew in our hearts that the vets were right and it was time to let Ellie go.

Walking out of that vet office and leaving my little girl behind was one of the toughest things I have ever had to do.

Tim and I both had non stop tears pouring down our faces.

We drove home in silence, both in total shock.

We had 11 years and 3 months of love, devotion, laughter, despair, but best of all, the cheeky fiestiness that was Ellie.

We thank you sweetpea for all that you gave us and all that you taught us.

You have fulfilled your purpose on this earth - of being a GREAT dog!

Run Free baby girl, we will hold you in our hearts forever, until we are reunited once again.

We love you Miss Ellie.

Jo & Tim.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

We are wishing all our special DWB friends a very B'Airey Christmas.

We hope everyone has a day filled with love and laughter and lots of nose pokes and butt sniffs from big black wet noses.

Ho Ho Ho

Miss Ellie, BazzyMan and the pinkies xxx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Birthday times 3

We have had lots of birthdays in our house this month.

Starting with daddy, he turned 39 on December 7th.

Then Miss Ellie turned 11 on December 10th

And then I turned 3 on December 16th.

Plus we have had our first anniversay of living in Perth - we have been here a year now!

Ellie and I both got a Pork Pie for breakfast on our Birthdays, daddy never got a Pork Pie.
We got some cool new toys too.

Birthday are great!

Mr B

Sad news

Our much loved Nonno crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 11th.
Mum was very upset and daddy had to give her lots of hugs.
Mum and Dad flew back to Melbourne to spend some time with mum's family and to attend Nonno's funeral.

We loved Nonno, and Nonno loved all animals. He is now is heaven with our Harley and his boy Alby the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

We will miss you Nonno, mummy says you loved us a lot.

Mummy loved you too, and she will miss you lots and lots.

Ellie and Baz

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Hey everyone
Nonno is improving, his lungs are nw all better, but he still has a problem with his liver. he is at least able to walk around a little bit now using a frame. He is still in hospital and will be for a while.
Nanna is worried about him though, as we think he is suffering from dementia.
Poor Sam. We miss his giant cuddles.
Thanks to everyone that sent Aire-zen, we are sure it all helped.

We had a bit of a holiday last week.
We went to stay with a friend of mummy's that breeds Smooth Fox Terriers. her name is Shirley and she has 17 Foxies and 2 elderly Lakeland Terriers as well.

Our mum really loves Lakies, but these 2 were old and cranky and didn't want to play with us.

The pinkies went off on a driving holiday up the coast. They said that they missed us, but I think they had a good time without can that be?
What could be better than having us with them on holiday?

We're all back to normal now and settled back into our routine.

Ellie and Baz

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hey every doggie, it's me Baz.

We haven't done much blogging lately, it is hard to sneak onto the pc without mum helping us.

We have been having a blast, lots of long walks off lead at the park, playing with my mates Ben and Bandit - they both live in my street.

Sometimes when all the pinkies are out the front working in their garden, we all get to play out the front too.

We live at the end of a Cul-de-sac, so there are no cars to worry about, and we never run off.

So we play chasey and bitey face and do lots of running.

Sometimes the pinkies yell at us to get out of the garden beds, those little plant things get a bit trampled when we all run over the top of them, he he he.

Our Nonno (mummy's stepdad) back in Melbourne has been really ill, and has been in hospital for 7 weeks now.

We have been sending him ALL of our Aire-zen, but he needs more. So if you have some spare, can you send it to our Nonno Sam?

Our dad's Nanna has been in hospital too, she fell over and broke her hip. So we had to send lots of aire-zen to Nanna Peggy too!

So we've been pretty busy !

Here is a photo of me with nonno Sam, when we used to live in Melbourne. We always went with the pinkies to visit mum's parents. They love us.

Hope everyone is happy....just like me.