Thursday, 27 December 2007

Our new Aireboy

Well it gives us all the greatest of pleasure to announce the fact that we are getting a new Airedale puppy!

And not just any puppy either mind you - he is Harley's great grandson, making him my great nephew!

Oh how wonderful is that???

The pinkies are so happy. I can't wait till they bring him home.
He was born on Dec 15th, just three days after Harley passed away.
Mum thinks it is almost "meant to be".
We are all sure Harley is watching from the night sky and wagging her tail in delight.
The pinkies have picked a star just for Harley, and think that having one of her descendants is a great way to continue our family.

We have chosen a name already, he will be called "Bazza" but his official title will be:
"Yorkpark Bearach Shining Star".
Mum chose Bearach for a few reasons. It is gaelic and mum's daddy was from Ireland. It has Bear in it, and mum liked it.
The English tranlation of Bearach is Barry, so daddy says he will call him Bazza, which is a typical Australian nickname for any man named Barry.
So Bazza it is.

The pinkies will be able to go out and visit Di and David at Yorkpark in a couple of weeks (I hope I can come too?).
It is Melba's very first litter, and Di says she is doing exceptionally well as a first time mum. There were 2 girls and 5 boys. The pinkies are getting first pick from the boy puppies.

The only downside is we all have to wait until the middle of February before we can bring Bazza home. I can't wait to meet him.

I hope everyone had a realy nice Christmas. It was a quiet one here.
Mum had a few tears because Harley couldn't be with us for Christmas.
But I cheered her up by helping to open her presents.
I am very good at making my pinkies laugh.
They often call me a clown, but I think they mean it in a nice way though.

Bye for now.

Miss Ellie - the Superdale.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

My Golden Rose Award

Today I received this lovely Golden Rose award from my friends Molly and Gertie.

Thank you so much girls, I feel really special now.

I would like to pass this award on to...........Alf and Mindy.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Best Friend Award

Hey look what I got from my favourite Boy, Noah!

Thanks matie, you are alright!

Hopefully we can meet again soon - I will tell my pinkies to hurry up and organise something, just so that I can see you again.

Lots of Love

Ellie - The Superdale.

My Bear is home.

My Harley Bear came home to us today - we picked up her ashes.
They are in a lovely carved wooden box.
I have it on my dresser with her collar and a small lock of her fur that I have wrapped in tissue in a trinket box. So now she is finally at home, where she belongs.

I feel a sense of peace and am feeling better than I have been in days.
I think about her all the time, and often smile at memories of her doing funny things or sharing moments of affection with us.

Ellie is pining for her and is still unsettled. She will sort it all out in her own time. I am looking forward to spending time at home with her over the Christmas break, hopefully that will help her too.


Friday, 14 December 2007

Goodbye to our sweet girl Harley

Our beautiful girl Harley passed away on Wednesday Dec 12th, after a seizure that weakened her heart.

Tim found her at home struggling to breathe and rushed her to the local vet - Steve. I met them there about 20 minutes later - it was the worst drive ever, I was so scared I wouldn't get there in time.

Harley died in my arms about 5 minutes after I arrived. She seemed to acknowledge that I was with her, so that gives me comfort to know that she knew we were there and she wasn't on her own. Tim believes she waited for me.

Our hearts are filled with sadness, but her pain is over. She can run free with all the Airedale's that have gone before. She is reunited with her mum Iceastar.

We will never forget our gorgeous girl, she has left her paw print permanantly in our hearts.

We would like to thank everyone for their support love and prayers, it all helps us struggle through.

We would also like to thank all at Planet Airedale and The Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria, through both we have made many wonderful friends, without you we would be lost.

Sleep well our beautiful darling girl.
Jan 25 1998 - Dec 12 2007.
Jo and Tim

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Christmas tree is back

Hi everyone, it is Harley here.

Woo hoo look at me, in all my Christmas finery!

I was soooo excited when the Christmas Tree reappeared at our house last night.

I never really got into the Christmas spirit last year (I was still a little unsure in my new home), but this year I LOVED helping mum put the Christmas tree up.

All those wonderful ornaments to steal off the tree - just for me!

Ellie was very laid back this year and just watched as mum and I decorated the tree.

Mum would put the decorations on, and then I would take them off. On, off, on off, it was a great game.

Here are Ellie and I next to our Christmas Tree. Ellie is lying down at the front, I am sitting nicely beside the tree.

You will notice there is no angel on our tree - this is because Ellie ate her head last year. Oh dear!

I might have destroyed a few little ornaments, but at least I have never killed the Christmas Tree Angel. Bad girl Ellie!

It is very hard keeping little sisters under control sometimes.

But here is the worst thing of all.
The pinkies have hidden the Christmas tree away in the rumpus room this year.
Behind closed doors!

How am I supposed to steal the ornaments now???????

And the Presents! How can Ellie and I unwrap all that lovely paper, if we can't even get in there?

I can see the Christmas tree, but I just can't get in there.

I need to learn how to open the door all by myself.

That would give the pinkies a nice surprise wouldn't it?

I will have to use my Airedale ingenuity to get around this little obstacle!

Love Harley xxx