Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bad boy Bazzy ate mums book!

Well will you take a look at what my silly little brother got up to today?
The picture below is all that is left of mum's book.

The stoopid little fatboy saw it on the couch and decided he wanted a closer look.
Mum was in the study, playing on our computer and she heard this strange noise from the lounge.
A mess was all over the couch, and silly Baz still had the book in his big fat gob.

At least he had the grace to look forlorn and sorry after mum told him what a BAD Aire-boy he was!

He had already been in trouble with daddy today too!
They went for their special "boys walkies" this morning, while mum and I went our our special "gilrs walkies".

We get walked seperately most of the time now, as I can't walk as far as I used to now that I am a Senior Aire-lady of double digits! Yes I turned 10 on my last birthday.
Anyway, when out on his walk with dad this morning, Bazzy met another dog and rather than be a nice freindly Airedale, stoopid Bazzy growled at the other doggy - for no good reason. Dad says the other doggy was wagging his tail!

Daddy told Baz off, and said "NO" Baz. Baz sulked a bit after that - he doesn't like being told off. Uh-uh.

Here is a better picture of our friend Charlie, he came to stay with us recently.

Charlie got a nice surprise today - a new baby sister. Her name is Rose and she is an 8 week old Bichon Frise, just like him. Mum has seen photos of her, but none of us have met her yet.

Oh and here are the photos of our new next door neighbour, Big Ben. He comes over to our yard to play sometimes, and sometimes we go over to his yard to play.

Big Ben is a Labrador x German Shepherd. He plays rough just like Bazzy does.

Those boys are just lunatics when they get together.

Big Ben is even bigger than Baz. They are good mates. He even plays bitey face - even though he is not an Airedale!

And here is a photo of the naughty Aireboy taken at Dog Beach in Scarborough.
Sometimes the pinkies take us there early on a weekend morning, and we run and run and run - even me!
There are always soooooo many other doggies there to play chasey with. it is just pawesome!

Look at the big smiling dufus!
He thinks he is so handsome - just because mum tells him so. Fool!

Till next
Miss Ellie, the Senior Aire-lady!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Blogging from the wild wild west of Australia

Hi ya bloggy friends,

Geez we have been outta action for far too long, and SOOOOOOO much has happened too!
As some of you may already know, our daddy took a job in Perth, Western Australia.
Now this is a long long way from Melbourne, which is where we live.

So the pinkies in their wisdom decided we must all move to Perth.

And off on the BIG adventure we went.

Daddy left us in October, and mum started organising to rent out our house in Melbourne and to get removalists in to pack all our stuff (geez we had a lot of stuff?)
Daddy was in Perth working and looking for a new house for us.
So there was frantic packing and selling of stuff and organising and walks with just mum.

In December dad got the keys to the new house in Perth, so a BIG container came and a couple of big strong men came along and packed all our stuff into the back.
Gee there was still alot of stuff - even after mummy sold a lot of it.
Anyway, then mummy and us went and stayed at our grand-dad's empty house. That was good, because our friends Mr Periwinkle and Sam came over for a visit and to say goodbye!

Here we all are.......handsome lot aren't we???

Then one morning a big JetPets van came to the house and mummy took us out into the front garden on our leads.
Then it all happened so quickly - we were put into the back of the van in crates, the door was shut and off we drove - WITHOUT MUMMY!

Ellie and I had no idea what was going on, but I was quite excited because there was a big German Shepherd doggy in another crate, so I wanted to say hello to him!
Mum was flying to Perth that day. The big truck came and took her car, then she got a cab to the airport, and we were all supposed to fly off to Perth on the same flight!


Ellie got loaded onto the plane, mum was on the plane, but because the plane can only carry a certain amount of weight, and the flight was full, there was no room for me. And because I was the heaviest doggy, I got picked to miss the flight.

Waaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaa - I want my MUM. And I wanna be with my sissy!!!!

They took me back to the JetPets office and they rang Dad to say only one dog made the flight.
Daddy was furious, as they couldn't even tell him which one of us got left behind.
JetPets promised to get me onto a flight with Qantas that same day.
When mum arrived at Perth airport she had no idea I wasn't there.
Daddy had to give her the bad news once she was in the terminal.
She wasn't happy!

So the pinkies went to the freight terminal to pick up the one Airedale that did get shipped, not knowing which one of us they were picking up.
And there was Ellie sitting in her crate, quite happy.
She went nuts when she saw mum and dad.
She trotted off with dad and he took her outside to pee, while mum talked to the JetPets staff to find out where I was.
And I was still in Melbourne! All on my OWN.

Don't they know I am just a baby and that I have never been on my own before - NEVER?!
So mum and dad took Ellie to our new house, and later that night daddy and grand-dad went back to the airport to pick me up.
When they walked into the freight terminal I was standing in my crate with my ears back and my tail right down between my legs and I might even have been crying - just a little bit.
Daddy said it was terrible for him to see me like that.
I wasn't a happy Aire-boy.
So then daddy drove me home to our new house - and Ellie was there, nanna and grand-dad were there and best of all - my mummy was there.
I was a bit unsure at first and wouldn't leave mummy's side.
Ellie was as happy as larry, running around sniffing every thing.
I just wanted my mum!

But now that we have been living here for 3 months, life is wonderful.

We go to the best parks and get to run off lead.

There is a doggy beach, which is just awesome and I love all the other doggies to play with.

We have a new friend who lives next door named Big Ben.

And we have another friend named Charlie who came to stay with us while his dad was in hospital. Look at us both up on the couch together!

Life sure is good here, but geez it is HOT!

We will post some more on our bloggy soon.
Hope everyone is well and happy and has a full belly!
Baz and Ellie, from the Wild Wild West.