Sunday, 16 August 2009

Strange smells

Hi everyone,
Well mum has been home with us for a while now cause she has had a bad cough, a thing called bronchitis actually.
But today she disappeared ALL day and when she finally came home, she smelled of another doggie!
Now this is not so unusual, mum often smells of other doggies, but this smell was different.
It was the smell of a new puppy!
Now she certainly didn't bring any puppy home with her, so where did she get the smell from then???

Turns out that mum went for a drive with Brooke, out to a place called Romsey, right across the other side of town and out into the country side (she didn't take us with her for a ride????)
When they got there mum met a puppy named Benson J Puppypaws.
It seems Mr Puppypaws is gonna live with Greg and Brooke.
So mum got to cuddle him all the way home.
She says he is a sweet little puppy (even if he isn't an Airedale!) and that she hopes Opy is nice to him.
Opy was very good when they were first introduced, so hopefully the old Gruffpuppy will take a liking to the little bundle of puppyness and allow him to jump all over her.

Hmm Miss Ellie remembers when I did this to her - she did a fair amount of growling at me - actually she still does! But we be best buddies now.
Miss Ellie taught me how to be a good Aireboy!
Anyway, so when mum finally came home, my big black Aireboy nose went into overdrive.
Sniff sniff sniff ALL over my mum.
Hey, who is that puppy smell mum? Let me get another whiff!

Mum says Miss Ellie and i will get to play with Benson J Puppypaws - I can't wait.
Finally someone young to romp with and wrestle with - wooo hooooo!

There has also been some other strange goings on at our place lately too!
Mum and dad keep talking of this place called Perth. A lot!
now mum has told us that daddy is leaving us to go and live there. Oh nooooooooooooooo!

BUT we are going too, not all at the same time, but once daddy finds us a house in Perth, mum Ellie and I are going over to live there too.
It means that Miss Ellie and I have to fly in a great big aeroplane.
not sure that I like the sound of that.
Mum says I will have to be a big brave Aireboy.

So the pinkies are gonna be really busy now getting sorted and packed to move across to the opposite side of the country.

We hope we like it there? Mum and dad have been there already, but Ellie and I will know no other doggies.
Although mum tells us there are definatley Airedales in Perth, so we will have to track them down for play dates!

So much to do in so little time arghhhh.
I have to pack all my toys and blankies, and food and toys and sticks and toys and bones and toys....oh I don't know where to start.
Ellie better come and help me!

Daddy leaves in October, but we won't go until after Christmas.
hey mum, when is Christmas?

See ya :)



Molly the Airedale said...

We hope that Opy and Benson are bonding but we know it all takes time! I sure didn't like Mitch much when he first came to live with us! Those puppy nippers on my older body were annoying!
Your move sounds exciting, guys! You'll have to let us know how the Aireplane ride is! We've never been on one of those!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Inky and Molly said...

Oh that's exciting news your family is moving to WA. Lucky, we've a got a little bit of time still to play at the upcoming get-togethers.

We're glad Brooke and Greg are getting a new puppy. Never mind it not being an Airedale. We guess, we can't all be Airedales or otherwise we wouldn't be special anymore.

Lots of love, Inky and Molly