Wednesday 15 September 2010


Hey everyone
Nonno is improving, his lungs are nw all better, but he still has a problem with his liver. he is at least able to walk around a little bit now using a frame. He is still in hospital and will be for a while.
Nanna is worried about him though, as we think he is suffering from dementia.
Poor Sam. We miss his giant cuddles.
Thanks to everyone that sent Aire-zen, we are sure it all helped.

We had a bit of a holiday last week.
We went to stay with a friend of mummy's that breeds Smooth Fox Terriers. her name is Shirley and she has 17 Foxies and 2 elderly Lakeland Terriers as well.

Our mum really loves Lakies, but these 2 were old and cranky and didn't want to play with us.

The pinkies went off on a driving holiday up the coast. They said that they missed us, but I think they had a good time without can that be?
What could be better than having us with them on holiday?

We're all back to normal now and settled back into our routine.

Ellie and Baz


Asta said...

Ellie and Baz

I can't imagine that any holiday could be pawfect wifout you two, but sometimes pinkies seem to need to get away..I don
t undewstand..I'm sowwy about youw wowwies fow youw Nonno..give youw Nanna special smoochies fwom me to help hew at htis difficult time
smoochie kisses

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

Our 4-legged's have to stay home when we go on a holiday- 5 is a few
too many to put in the vehicle! But they get to stay home with their
Auntie Phyllis and she spoils them rotten while we're gone. She lets
them sleep with her on the couch- aagghh- can you imagine?
Hope the Nonna feels better soon! Take care and have a fantastic day!