Monday, 4 April 2011

Hi everyone, it's Bazzy here. It's a little bit lonely now that I am on my own. I have no one to play bitey face with anymore. Mum and Dad have decided not to get another dog. They want to start doing some travelling, and will take me with them. So it's just me for now. I'm still a little bit lost without my big sissy though. Mum thinks I have depression. I had a bit of fun yesterday though. Dad took me to the Dog Park and we met up with Sophie, she's an 11 year old Airedale that lives in the hills. So Sophie and I played bitey face and completed the whole walk around the park together. Sophie's mum was upset that Ellie has crossed the bridge, she liked old Ellie. It was so great to see Sophie and get to play Airedale style! No one plays bitey face like us Dales do! Baz.

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