Sunday, 20 July 2008

Boofa Boy Bazzy and the Dyson

Hey everyone
It's me Bazzy.
Mum got the big noisy thing called the Dyson out again today and she took photos of me with it.
I LOVE the Dyson. I love to chase it while it goes backwards and forwards all over the floor. I run around it and try to bite it with my big Bazzy teeth.
Sometimes I go into the laundry where it lives and I just stare at it waiting to see if it is going to come out and play with me today. It doesn't come out to play all that often, usually just at weekends when the pinkies are home from work. They both love the Dyson too.
But not Ellie, she shows no interest in the Dyson at all. She just wants to sleep!

I went back to see Dr Steve yesterday. He says I am still growing too fast. When they made me sit on the big giant scales at the vet, I came in at a whopping 25.3kg.
I have gained 1.3kg in 7 days. Uh-oh, looks like the diet isn't working!

Dr Steve has stopped the Metacam, and mum has to watch to see if my limping gets worse now that I am not being medicated. (good I hate having the stupid syringe thingy stuck down my gob).

If the limp does get worse then Dr Steve is going to do Xrays straight away. Worst still is that he has told mum to give me even LESS food this week! OH NO!!!!!

I go back next Saturday for yet another weigh in. Geez, this is like being on The Biggest Loser!

So poor Bazzy is on scarce rations now! Well not really - I am still getting two bowls of food each day, but NO treats, or snacks or anything nice!

And I am still not allowed to go out on walkies.

I sat by the front door and CRIED my heart out yesterday when daddy took Ellie out. I lay by the front door looking out the window and cried and cried until they came back. I think poor mum felt really bad, cause she kept giving me cuddles.

But I know daddy has been sneaking out with Ellie every night when they think I am asleep. But I KNOW they are out walking - without me!

I miss going out, I miss going to see all my friends at Doggie Obedience school.

I just wanna PLAY!!!

Daddy came home with a big bag full of promotional goodies from one of his work suppliers. Ellie and I rummaged around in the bag to see if there was anything worth stealing - and we came out with these! 2 nice squishy stubbie holder things - perfect for us to have a nice chomp on.

Well it kept us amused for at least 10 minutes!

See ya......Love the Bazzynator!


Molly the Airedale said...

We feel bad that you're getting left behind when it's walkie time, Baz! We hope the limpies go away soon!
Our mom says Dyson will be her next toy for sure but we're hoping because she's old and senile, she'll forget she ever thought that!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

Our vacuum cleaner goes on the pinkys back. Hmmm that sounds like fun.
Does your daddy know you took the squishy things from his bag????

Noah Willow Tess Lucy