Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Our Easter Adventure

Hello every doggy, gee did we have the BEST Easter holiday Ever?
I think we did, it was pawesome!
We went to this place called Margaret River, it is in the south west of WA. We stayed in this groovy little dog friendly cottage called Margaret House Cottage.
Here I am sitting on the front verandah, looking all relaxed because I am on holidays....wooo hoo.
My old sissy and I ran around like lunatics when we arrived, there were so many good things to smell and the yard was enormous!
Check out old Ellie having a bit of a lie down in the front garden.
I found the best thing ever, just on the other side of the fence.
At first the funny little things in there scared me, and I ran off barking at them.
Then old Ellie came to check to see what I was making all the noise about. She wasn't scared of the funny little creatures at all - so I went and had a closer look.
This is what I had found - 'CHOOKS'. Now I had never seen these little creatures before, but I soon learned that if I bark at them, they RUN.
So then the game was on! Woof woof woof, run run run.
Every time we went out, as soon as we got back to the cottage, I ran to the chook pen to make sure my new best game was still going. Woof woof woof, run run run - awesome!
The pinkies took us everywhere with them, we explored the whole southern area of the coast.
Here we are with our daddy at Cape Leeuwin, this is where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean (which goes all the way to Antartica)
We even got to go to a Winery with the pinkies, I mean look at all those grapes, they go on forever and ever.

Take a look at us, back in the car, ready for our next adventure! C'mon, let's GO!

We drove through this HUGE forest of Karri trees. Karri trees only grow in this one place in Australia, and in the old days the loggers used to chop them all down. The trees are all protected now though. They are beautiful. Look how small me and daddy look! The trees were BIG.

We got to go on some lovely bush walks, and stopped for a few photo opportunities occasionally too!
This is a native Grass Tree, locally known as a Black Boy. They take years and years to grow. The pinkies have just planted some of these in our garden at home.
Don't I look handsome sitting in front of the pretty tree?

On one of our bush walks daddy let me go off lead, and we saw kangaroos. 3 of them. Daddy tried to grab my collar, but I was off and running. Lucky those Roos are fast, otherwise they were MINE!
Daddy said they would have kicked my butt, but I don't think so. After all I am the BAZBOY!
I found this little track and convinced dad we needed to go down this way for a little look.

And it led us to the Margaret River! I had to dip my furry little toes in, so that I could have a drink. Yummo, nice clean water!

The next day we went up north of Margaret River and found this beautiful beach at Bunker Bay.
The pinkies say it is stunning, but they wouldn't let me off lead, so I couldn't play in the water.
Sissy lay on the sand for a little rest, while dad and I explored a bit.

It was a brilliant holiday, we also went to the Margaret River Chocolate factory, the MR Dairy, the MR Cheese Factory, the Olive Farm and the Providore. The pinkies brought so much food! And none of it for me and Ellie!
It was a long drive home (3 hours) so I took a bit of a nap on the back seat, I mean I can only ride with my head out the window for so long!

Hope you like our holiday snaps! And we hope all the other doggies had a Happy Easter!
Bazzy (and old Ellie too)


Molly the Airedale said...

What a wonderful Easter adventure you and Ellie had, Baz! Your pictures are just beautiful!
What a shame you didn't snag yourself a kangaroo!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Airechicks said...

What a WONDERFUL holiday you two had..

Great Snaps....


Hollie and Janie said...

It looks like yall had a wonderful time!! I've never been to a beach, but I bet it's an awesome place for digging!!