Sunday, 25 April 2010

Supervising the landscaping.

Hey everydoggy, I have been a pretty busy little BazBoy this weekend.

Dad and I have been doing some landscaping in our back garden.
It's been pretty hard work, and dad has done a good job, under my watchful supervision of course!

First of all I got to go to dad's work with him to pick up the ute.
Look at me riding up front like a proper 'tradie's' dog!

I just love riding in the car, so being in the ute was no trouble. It means I get to sit on the front seat which is way too cool!

Dad and I went to pick up these huge limestone blocks from the garden supply place. I wasn't allowed out of the ute there, as there were heaps of big tractor things driving around loading up trucks and stuff. So I just sat in the ute and waited - like a good tradie's dog would.

When we got back home dad drove the ute all the way into our back yard. Then he had to unload all the huge blocks. I wasn't allowed to help, because the blocks weighed 55kgs each!
No wonder daddy was working up a sweat!

So once all the blocks were off the ute, I got up on the back to check it all out.
Great view from up here.

I had to watch dad carefully while he cemented the blocks in. Had to make sure they were straight! It took hours and hours, but I stayed around the garden with dad - see, just like a good tradie's dog, ey!

Today dad got two ute loads of native mix soil, so mum and dad shovelled it all into the new garden bed.
Mum says it was bloody hard work, dad says mum is a sook.
So here is the end result of all their hard work (under my close supervision).
We now have new raised garden bed, for mum to plant stuff in.

We think dad did a great job and mum had to give Ellie the "now don't you dig this up" talk.

Miss Ellie slept all day and missed all the action. She is a funny old girl, she wants to just sleep all the time now. So I just leave her and go off with dad and we do "boy stuff".

Tomorrow is a public holiday here, so both mum and dad will be home with us ALL day. Yippee.
I wonder what they have got planned? Hope it is something good!


Molly the Airedale said...

hummmmmmmmm - we think someone is fibbing about giving Ellie the "now don't you dig this up" talk, Baz! We just bet that talk was directed at YOU!
The new garden bed is beautiful! You and your dad did a great job! We can't wait to see what your mom plants in it!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

violett said...

Hello, here is Mischka from Germany. Your dad has done a good job and you a watchful supervision of course.
Lots of love

Ruby said...

We are 'proper tradies' dogs... but we don't even get to ride in a ute - that's very cool. Your landscaping job is also very cool and extremely well done. Certainly does look like a doggies digging box...
Ruby and Gracie

Hollie and Janie said...

You and your daddy did such a great job! That lovely dirt looks like it would be so much fun to dig up... how do you resist??

Asta said...


you and youw Dad did a soopewb job! I bet it will be just bootiful whe youw Mom plants those pwetty flowews in it.

I hope ellie has pawfectly wondewful dweams while you wowk.
Smoochie kisses

Amos said...

Man Bazzy, Theres no way I could keep my Paws out of that !!!! Wooo hooooo that whould be fun. The feel of fresh dirt on my sout, and flying thru my rear legs as I go balistic with my front diggers!!! Man how do you resist?