Thursday, 13 May 2010

thunder and lightning

Gee, we didn't have a very good sleep last night.

There we were in the bedroom, all four of us, sleeping soundly when out of nowhere came this huge big BANG.
I jumped up off my bed, it was soooooo loud!
It woke mum and dad up too!
Then there were more big BANGS, and lots of flashing white lights, that lit up the whole dark bedroom!
I didn't like it - no not one bit!

Mum said it was just a thunderstorm and that it would be ok, but I was scared!
Baz was still on the bed, and not really too worried about it.

There were so many big bang noises that i jumped up onto the big bed with the others - there wasn't much room, what with mum and dad and big fat baz on the bed already.
But I made room for myself and snuggled next to my mum. She even turned the bedside lamp on for me, so that I wouldn't see the bright lightning stuff.
So I lay on the bed with mum and she rubbed my ears to keep me calm.

I don't like thunderstorms - uh-uh I don't like them.

Miss Ellie


Molly the Airedale said...

We don't like electrical storm either, Ellie! It used to be just me but now Mitch is nervous too!
You were smart to stay close to your mum!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ruby said...

Poor Ellie - those thunderstorms can be quite frightening. Getting in bed with your mum and having your ears rubbed sounds wonderful - I'd like to do that even if there wasn't a storm.

Ruby and Gracie

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh no my poor Ellie. Those storms are horrid things.

Noah x

Amos said...

Wow that sounds very scary. Dad sad I would probably bark and growl??? I bet the truth is you were brave, you were just making sure to keep your mummy safe. Right?

Dad says he bets it would scare me, but we dont have thunder in Alaska, and very little lightning. He figures I'll get to see some one day when we travel.

I am glad none of that flashy stuff got you. Just be sure and get on the big bed anytime it happens to be sure your mummy is safe!